Friday, February 12, 2010

Game Friday: Soup-er Stars

We're digging out from "Snowmageddon" here in the Mid-Atlantic. Two feet of snow yesterday on top of two feet from Saturday. Our driveway is mostly a bobsled chute now. Seems like a good opportunity to talk about soup.

Yes. Soup.

That's the game for today!

What are your views on soup? Do you get hot for it? Have a fav? Or do you file it under whatever?

Personally, I worship soup. (Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.) But I really can't help myself from sampling the offerings when we're out in restaurants. I also make it at home the old-fashioned way. Bones, parts, meaty odds and ends, vegetables. I particularly like to whip up French Onion, Vichyssoise, forest mushroom, and even gumbo (that's with the multi-hour roasted roux). I have yet to do New England Clam Chowder. But I want to.

Tell us your soup stories. Any comfort food aficionados out there?


David Barber said...

Hi Jason. I got a bag of home grown potatoes and leeks from a friend the other day (We've only had 8 inches of the white stuff and then a further 3 last week so he only just had a chance to dig up what he had left. You wouldn't believe the taste of them) Anyway, I rustled up a bug pan of leek and potatoe soup, threw in dome pieces of chicken and just at the end stirred in a sprinkling of curry powder. Absolutely beautiful for a cold winter's night.

Regards, David.

P.s. I've plugged your site on my latest post. I've put up my 'clarity' contest entry and your feedback which I found totally constructive and encouraging. Thanks for taking the time to send it to me and hope you don't mind me posting it.

David Barber said...

Apologies for my spelling mistakes in my previous post. :-)

Karen said...

I make a broccoli-mushroom soup that involves includes butter, half-and-half, white pepper and tarragon. It's a hit with everyone, every time!

Terri said...

I have a recipe for cream of celery soup that I sometimes serve as a starter if I have guests over for dinner. It has celery & cream (obviously!) plus potatoes and onions, if memory serves. It all gets blended till its thick and - you guessed it - creamy :-) Tasty, very tasty... mmmmm

the walking man said...

You make the soup and I will come to eat it.

Pesto Sauce said...

Yoou ever had almond's lovely

Vesper said...

I absolutely adore soup! I have to have it... :-)
I make all kinds, as you say, "the old-fashioned way." A cream of celery root and green peas, served with croutons, is delicious...

Have a nice weekend, Jason! :-)

Bernita said...

I make chicken soup to die for.

Tabitha Bird said...

I loooooove soup. Cream of broccoli is my fav! I know, I know. But I make it very nice. Really.

DILLIGAF said...

My mother asked me at the age of 7 whether I would like chicken or mushroom soup.

My reply was ""

"Chicken" she said

"No mushroom" I replied

"Then why did you make a noise like a chicken?" she asked

"Cause I can't make a noise like a mushroom"

I was a troubled child...;-)

iasa said...

I'm a big soup eater as well, roasted red pepper and corn chowder, carrot and jalapeno, hot n sour, plantain and tamarind.. I guess almost any soup. Who knew.

Unknown said...

Soup is fantastic. Warming, comforting, easy to make, and perfect for when you're not feeling so hot. They can be hearty or light. A soup for every occasion, even dessert!

I'm partial to carrot, chicken noodle, and French onion, myself.

Deb Smythe said...

You guys are making me hungry. Ah well, at least I know what I'm ordering for lunch today!

Aine said...

Sounds like we're going to have a souper weekend! (I know... groan...)

I'm actually wondering if this post is a new (and extreme) form of the informing communication style. LOL! I guess I'd better get to the grocery store!

spacedlaw said...

I am all for soup. In health and in sickness. In cold or hot weather.
It can be a balanced meal and can be as big a meal as you make it.
I often have stock in the making (my butcher is impressed by the fact that, in an era of stock cubes and powders, I still do mine but it tastes so much better and is far more healthy).

Rosaria Williams said...

Minestrone is my favorite! I make a big batch, leaving out the pasta or the potato and freeze the concoction in small batches. When I want soup, I warm the bean mixture, add cubed potatoes or pasta and voila'!

Jon said...

My girlfriend is wonderful to me, and she's always cooking different things...

But she's nuts for soup, just like you.

The problem is that her soup is always as thick as chili, and her chilly is always as watery as soup... **sigh**

I hope she doesn't find this comment, or I'm going to be in the kitchen making soup alone!


Michael Morse said...

I tell different variations of the "Stone Soup" story whenever I get the chance. If you never heard the story think of a traveler with nothing putting a rock in a pot of water in the middle of town, building a fire and waiting for the curious, and starving, winter weary, recession weary, just plain weary people to come out of their shells, or huts, or houses, or opulent mansions to see what's cooking. Each offers something, eventually the soup is complete, the people fed and the community saved.

Or any variation on the same theme.

Think I'll write a story!

Thanks, Evan.

Michael Morse said...

Sorry, thanks, Jason. Duh.

Leah McClellan said...

I just turned the heat down on the chicken soup (of sorts) that I just started for my dogs and came to find this on my reader! It's just broth and a little meat from some inexpensive parts but they love it. So do my cats :) Only in winter!

I like a good veggie broth--basic onion/celery/carrot stock but add shitake mushrooms and some seaweed (couple kinds work), lots of fresh or roasted garlic, some ginger, and it starts getting rich.

Potato/leek, NE Clam (easy to make but Wegman's carries some good premade!). I've not been very domestic lately but I do enjoy warm soup on a cold day!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Soup is THE ultimate food for winter, especially if you count the various yummy gumbos in that category. My fav is loaded potato soup using french onion dip and all the fixins. (Recipe at my blog if you wanna browse.) :)

Anonymous said...

David, I've never had potatoes straight from the ground! I'm sure they have an entire extra layer of flavor. (By all means, feel free to post your entry!)

Karen, ooh, I'm up for that!

Terri, okay. Yes. Yes, indeed. I'd like to try that too!

Walking Man, deal.

Pesto Sauce, I've never had almond soup. I'm intrigued!

Vesper, another soup-o-phile! That's awesome!! Yours sounds delicious too.

Bernita, chicken soup is like the foundation of all of civilization. Love it!

Tabitha, I'm definitely up for cream of broccoli. :)

Four Dinners, I love that story!! Whatever a mushroom sounds like, it must be pretty strange.

Iasa, now that sounds like it has some kick. I'm a big fan of Indian soups also.

Maybe Genius, something very calming about soup. As I read your comment, I started thinking about gazpacho.

Deb, I'm writing this after midnight, and now I want soup too.

Aine, I'm up for a souper weekend. You?? :)

Spacedlaw, I'm totally with you. Homemade stock without shortcuts is a wonderful thing these days.

Lakeviewer, soup and freezers are a wonderful combo. I keep some emergency chicken noodle around in case of colds.

Jon, dang, we've got to get that stuff reversed. Maybe getting the chili thick is the easier first step.

Michael, I forgot about that story! My mother used to read that one to me when I was little. Definitely a wonderful tale. Soup from a stone...imagine that.

Laurel, soup for the pets? That rocks! As for NE clam chowder, one recipe I looked up seemed way too simple. There must be a more involved version.

Angie, recipes on your blog? I'm there. :)

JR said...

I've had gumbo delivered to my classroom, straight from the prison kitchen. It's actuallly quite good if you can get past the prisoners' temptations of adding extra ingredients.

SzélsőFa said...

I like soups so much that sometimes I have two soups with a slice of home-made bread for dinner and nothing else.

tea and cake said...

Yay, another soup-lover! We have soup for lunch most days during the winter. And, I love to make my own bread to go with it - now that's for another post!

Charmaine said...

Soup. Yesssss. You need look no further for some terrific recipes from me. My current repetoir includes:

Hungarian Beef Soup (not goulash)
Leprachaun Soup (ancient Irish secret)
Beef Stew
African Potato Soup
Lentil Soup (literally, the best EVER...I'm not kidding...ask me for the recipe...tons of onion, tomato and funky beans)
Black Bean Soup (Don't bother making, just buy it at Trader Joe's and add a can of black beans top with a dollop of sour cream, green onions and grated cheddar.)
Chicken Soup (cures every cold and perfumes the house with love)

Oh...I could go on...

Anonymous said...

JR, Szelsofa, Tea and Cake, and Charmaine, thanks for cooking with us!