Monday, February 22, 2010

Red Skies Coming

Jason Evans Red Clouds and Sky

put you to bed
with a knife
and pussy willows
breathings airs
when there were trees
on the other hillside
you waited
with the first spring peeper
chirping at the fringe
of your nightgown
and your hand reached down
dark and tangled
melting hot
with the landscape
and the feet that would join you
lift the hair
from your shoulder
will cleave
your winter
into earth and mud
and open
your tendrilled


Karen said...

What loveliness in words and imagery! Here are some of the lines I like:

"and pussy willows
breathings airs" ...

"chirping at the fringe
of your nightgown" ...

"will cleave
your winter" ...

"and open
your tendrilled

Really soft and beautiful, Jason.

Bernita said...

Lovely lines.
A poetic murderer might write such in hope of redemption.

DILLIGAF said...

I so want to be able to write poetry.

I hate you.


Meghan said...

Fabulous. Just amazing.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Oh, I do love the nature theme here. Many artistic and graceful lines here have me oooing and ahhhing. Very stunning photo! With admiration...

Anonymous said...

Karen, thanks, my friend. I think you felt it.

Bernita, what a powerful way to put it!

Four Dinners, oh, I think you can write poetry just fine. =)

Meghan, much appreciated!

Kaye, I wrote this stream of consciousness. In a way, it makes less sense that way. But in another way, it captures something fleeting and ephemeral that otherwise would be lost. I captured the spirit of what I wanted here.

the walking man said...

I tried to kill the winter with a knife and it dumped 7 inches on my head. I think I will leave it alone for this year and simply let the days unfold as they will.

Nevine Sultan said...

Beautiful words... and isn't it about time we all had our "tendrilled spring"? "cleave your winter into earth and mud..." Indeed! And take us all out of the darkness of winter...


Adisha said...

Wow. To imagine the beauty with such powerful lines ... Can't wait for spring !!

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, good call. Taking on mother nature that way is probably equivalent to bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Nevine, there are many things woven into the young warmth of spring.

Adisha, I'm with you. We need the sun to get busy and climb in the sky.

Margaret said...

Brilliant Jason! What powerful writing!
You bring nature alive with your words.

Tess Janssen said...
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Tess Janssen said...

You make me want spring to come quick, whilst I'm normally a winter-person.
Gentle, charismatic lines, very soft indeed. I love how, at the beginning of the poem, I actually thought it was about 'someone' and it took me rather long to understand that it was actually about 'something'. Nice touch.
Beautifully written, it's really a brilliant poem. Then again, if you write like you do, and I've been following you for a while, you have to be pretty darn brilliant and write brilliantly. :)