Monday, April 12, 2010

SEED, Parts 11 & 12, Final

(Serial fiction, sci-fi)

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The Mala understood human hands even better than humans. They fundamentally modified the controls of their interceptor spacecraft so humans could fly them. One hundred and fifty broke into three spearhead formations behind the leader, who was the great, great grandson of Eve.

Enemy long range cruisers orbited Earth in front of them.

But not many. It was probably the last force of any real size they had left.

Their orbital bombers had deployed and orange sparkles glowed over the land masses on the planet. Anti-matter fires burned, pillaring blue smoke into the atmosphere. Typical. The enemy had vaporized the population down to manageable numbers, then invaded their key objectives.

The Mala battle squadron divided into smaller vanguards.

The leader could sense the panic in the enemy fleet. But it was too late for them. Always too late.

Cutting beams activated. One hundred and fifty ships marked targets. They dismembered the enemy force in one pass. The remnants of human empathy tingled in the leader, but the emotion was easily suppressed. The force swept through chunks of imploding ships and sizzling plasma fires. Mala transports followed from the rear.

Earth would be denied to the enemy. The Mala had exploited SEED, and they required no more human assets. The enemy could not be permitted access to them. Even though they would fail to develop human weaponry fast enough, they could not be allowed to try.

The leader communicated radiation trail coordinates for the transports to follow. He imagined the dread of the enemy invaders on the surface. Their paltry fleet rained into the atmosphere and burned. The Mala would hunt them. No use trying to run.

On the transports, the human forces buckled into their landing vehicles.

* * *

A thud knocked loose a semi-circle of wall. The cut doorway fell with a crash. Dust billowed past Jax into the room.

Black-clad soldiers fanned in formation. They covered the room with the aim of strange weapons.

A soldier in the center held out some sort of device. He seemed to be scanning, trying to locate something.

He hummed and clicked low, guttural sounds in his throat. The soldiers trained their weapons on the doorway where Mikale lay dead.

Beams combed streaks of fire across the wall.

A shriek erupted in the room beyond.

Something thrashed and fell partway into the light. The beams ceased, and a sound like tinkling crystals filled the silence.

Thankful, Jax wanted to weep in hysterical relief. But he was still paralyzed. The soldiers pulled flayed pieces of some kind of body and arranged them on the floor. They shoved Mikale aside with their feet. The man with the scanner seemed satisfied. He motioned the others toward Jax.

Crystalline knives cut through the straps. Bronze hands pulled him to his feet.

Jax gasped when he met them face to face.

Their eyes. Not natural.

Not really human.

They reflected facets of light like cut glass.

Someone behind him ripped down his pants, and cold metal engulfed his genitals. The sensation was immediate and explosive. If not for his rigidity, his knees would have buckled from the pleasure of it. Waves of an unlikely orgasm rocked through him.

Then the device was gone.

Jax blinked. Maybe the first sign that the drug was fading.

The leader nodded and the two holding his elbows stepped outward and pulled his arms taught like a cross. Those glittering eyes aimed the weapon at Jax's head.

"Wait," Jax said whispered, his jaw finally loosening.

A pinprick of blue clove Jax in the forehead. His world curtained to nothingness.

All over the planet, the Mala army claimed merciless victory in their millennia of civil war. After the enemy was cut down, human samples were taken, mostly sperm, but some eggs and surrogates too.

Diversity was strength, and the human ranks would grow.

In orbit, the Mala launched heavy radiation bombs when their forces withdrew, and the dying world sizzled with energy. Not even microbes would survive long as Jax's body still smoldered.

-The End-

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Raj said...

phew! :)
loved every word. intensely absorbing and thought provoking.

and congrats on finishing it.

Raj said...

just read the prologue on earthtide.

lemme know when its out i doubt whether i wanna miss it for anything.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed this series very much. Great, gripping sci-fi!

Bernita said...

Jason, you must expand this into a has power.

Aine said...

So depressing, yet realistic that humans may not always be the heroes. That we could be domesticated and used by another species for their purposes.

I'd love to fast forward in time and see if there's any human-ness remaining. Did the vestiges of memory or emotion survive through the generations of breeding? Naturally, I'm still yearning for a good old-fashioned humanity-cannot-be-defeated or love-conquers-all type ending! :P

I'm also wondering about the crystal eyes-- how did the Mala change the humans' eyes? Did they tinker with our DNA, or was there a bit of cross-breeding, perhaps?

Such an epic tale told in short format. Bravo, Jason! :)

Now, I want to hear Eve's story, Eve's POV.... pretty please?

Terri said...

Wow. Brutal. And I agree with everything Aine said... I do so like a happy ending. I don't like the idea that humanity was simply a casualty of someone else's war. It's unsettling
... but well-told!

Anonymous said...

Raj, thank you for being such an enthusiastic reader! I enjoyed writing a serial after a long hiatus. And it's great to hear that you might like Earthtide!! It's an exciting project for me.

Maybe Genius, thanks so much for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Bernita, Aine has been encouraging me to do the same. It's nice to feel like I touched the surface of a living, albeit fictional world. I do think quite a bit could be done with this premise.

Aine, you're so right about the many angles and different perspectives that could be featured! :) I have to say that your enthusiasm for this series was the most important thing driving me forward. In the end, I don't think that blogs are a good forum for serial stories, but I'm happy to have created this one.

Terri, unsettling and brutal are two very fitting words! One nice thing about the short story format is that the writer can freely deliver a dark ending. I would never dare to end a novel on a note like this. After that much investment by the reader, having an ouch ending would be enough to send the book through a window.

the walking man said...

That...Jason...Was as fine an ending as I hoped for. We have met the enemy and he is us. (our progeny anyway)

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, and that's a wonderful thing to hear! An ending is quite a responsibility, and I certainly didn't want to fall short. Thanks!

Raj said...

might like earthtide?
i will guarenteed.

and no thankyous please. there are a lot things that catch the eye but something that catches the mind is a rare delight. so i am the one who is supposed to say thank you :P

and i myself have started this series on werewolves, its pretty simple but do leme know what you think of it.

Aniket Thakkar said...

You really killed it towards the end. Since I've read the last few parts in one go... I loved the concept of humans outgrowing them 600 to one.

Aine's comment sums up what I had to say about the ending too. This itself is a big thing on its own and yet so much more could still be done with it. You can create spin-off's. :D

Glad to have read the series.

Anonymous said...

Raj, the sentiment is much appreciated. I would definitely like to check out your werewolf series!

Aniket, thanks! It's fun to think about where this general idea could be taken. I'm glad you felt that it pulled you in as you read parts together!

DILLIGAF said...

No way did I see that coming! (if you'll pardon the pun)...;-)

That was absolutely brilliant old bean. I loved every moment of it!

Thank you!

catvibe said...

Excellent ending Jason. I was wondering all along, but the end really pulled it together. I loved the eyes...

This would be a great series to expand into a full fledged novel, hell movie actually! Screenplay Jason, Screenplay! :-)