Friday, April 02, 2010

What If, Would You?

"What if you stole a truck, would you give it back?"


"Would you park it next to that one?"


"Do geese have feelings?"


"Have you ever looked a goose in the face to see if it had feelings?"


"Have you ever driven a truck?"


"Have you ever driven a goose?"


"What's the first thing that comes to your head?"

"Cement mixer."

"Would you rather drive a cement mixer?"


"Do you have any idea why I can't get geese out of my head?"


"So your mother's name is...."


"No it isn't. What if the truck smelled really bad. Would you give it back then?"


"Would you let the goose ride shotgun?"


"Awesome. I like the way you think."


the walking man said...

Only if it promised to not shit while driving and wore a seat belt. but I would make the goose steal the truck before I drove it.

Unknown said...

Hilariously quirky! This is the type of conversation I might have with my 4- and/or 8-year-old kids. LOL!

Cloudia said...

Followed Walking Man here...glad I did.

Aloha from Hawaii my new Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Ashley Ashbee said...

Awesome. I'm sure geese having feelings, even though their bills seem to prevent them from smiling like dogs do.

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, you are a very smart man. Geese are into grand theft auto anyway. Let the goose take the fall.

Melissa, I love free association conversations!

Cloudia, welcome! I must repay the visit. Even if visiting a Hawaiian blog isn't quite the same as visiting Hawaii. :)

LH, they're kind of smart-lipped, aren't they? And scrappy.

Margaret said...

Enjoyable conversation. :D

Aniket Thakkar said...

:D :D :D

I just have to know his mothers name... don't ask me why? :)

Bernita said...

"Would you let the goose ride shotgun?"