Friday, May 07, 2010

21 Things

I was tagged by Dani aka Oddyoddy013, to do a little self-revelation. Always juicy material for a blog post, no?

My task is to list 12 things I like, 1 thing I love, and 8 things I hate. Then, if I dare, I am to tag 3 people.

Here goes.

My Likes
1. Sleeping in.
2. Staying up late.
3. The sound of a breeze in the forest, but not wind.
4. The color and glow of moonlight.
5. Old cemeteries.
6. Squaring off with someone and having a delving conversation.
7. Mustard. Alone if necessary.
8. Hot/spicy food.
9. The challenge.
10. Hot tubs.
11. The power of revealing yourself.
12. When you drop a buffalo wing and it hits your napkin, not your pants.

A Love
1. Eyes. Intense ones. (The first thing I saw when I met Aine.)

My Hates
1. Disregard for logic.
2. Noise and chaos.
3. People who choose to be threats and do harm.
4. Nervousness.
5. Loss.
6. Liver. (Cooked, not operational.)
7. Being impeded or restrained.
8. My mistakes.

So there you go. Anything interesting? Do you want to offer a few of your own?

I tag Loveable Homebody, Mona, and Karen. If they want to.


Mona said...

I had to go through the link to see if it was really me you meant to tag!

Ok, I will take up the challenge, give me a couple of days!

I wouldn't hate my mistakes...they are my true teachers...I have a healthy respect for them :)

Chatterbox said...

Wow! that was a tag wonderfully done :)
I am glad to know you a bit better :)

Liking for old cemeteries is something unusual.

I too love intense eyes, I too hate my mistakes so we are same on a number of those picks :)

Tabitha Bird said...

I hate being restrained too. Maybe it's the writer in us? :)

Bernita said...

Old cemeteries, yes!
I could list about half your likes and ALL of your hates.

Atrisa said...

Eyes. Sigh. I'm a sucker for eyes too.
I could literally hear the breeze as I read :)

Mona said...

Ok, I have done the needful on my blog!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I love ketchup by itself-my friends all think I'm really weird, but I ignore that. :) Loved your answers!

Milly said...

1. Giggles from children
2. Old men who proudly tell me of their military history
3. Reading
4. Mexican food
5. Talking with my children
6. Hanging out with friends
7. Watching it snow at night
8. The smile on a babies face, especially if I got them to smile
9. Art
10. A nap
11. A hot cup of tea on a cold night
12. Listening to jazz on a rainy day

The Lord with all my heart

1. Thieves
2. Closed minds
3. When I am feeling like a sloth
4. When people don’t understand sarcasm
5. Kids throwing up at night
6. Being yelled at when it isn’t my fault
7. When I can’t get the package opened
8. Soda spraying all over
9. When people say stupid stuff like “That’s the worst” when it’s like a paper cut. I think decapitation is the worst. I might just be me though.
Okay I added one.

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I love old cemeteries and am resigned for the buffalo wing to land on my jeans, but so worth the mess.
I am an early bed and early to rise person.
Thanks for sharing this fun tag, glad to get to know you better.

Terri said...

I think the being restrained thing may go hand-in-hand with loss of control..? Not being a psychologist, I can't be sure but yep, I'm with ya on that one. Also the liver and noise & chaos.
I'd take Mayonnaise over mustard any time. Alone if necessary ;)

2cats said...

This might be fun but I need some time to think of things.
I liked your answers though.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Good to get to know you a little better.

I so agree with moonlight and old cemetries but as for mustard? Yuk.

SzélsőFa said...

i'm glad i'm not tagged, b/c now i don't have to write my list, but you bet i will :)))
it was fun reading yours, too. most of your 'likes' were not quite surprising :)))
(i mean # 2,4,5,6,9,11 :)))

geez: word v: inuit

Anonymous said...

**Sorry I've been a bit scarce. This was really a crushing week for me.

Mona, seeing your list was a treat. Glad you did it!

Chatterbox, fascinating to see where we converge and diverge. As if personalities are bubbles of overlapping circles.

Tabitha, that's a good point. Writers definitely seem to have a need to break away and create something of their own.

Bernita, see, I knew there was a reason why we hang around each other. ;)

Atrisa, eyes are the best.

Oddyoddyo13, ketchup, eh? Despite it being different, we still have a condiment kinship.

Milly, love your list! I can relate on so many!

Martha, I was just thinking this morning that I feel this purity in nighttime. But also there is a real purity in morning. I like it, but to experience it, I'm always tired. ;)

Terri, being constrained and loss of control...I'll have to think about that. I do fear being controlled, I guess, because that has always translated that into being pushed toward something that I don't want.

2cats, welcome! That would be great if you do a list yourself. Let me know if you do, and I'll hop straight over.

Petty Witter, we can hold the mustard, that's cool. :) Old cemeteries are wonderful.

Szelsofa, oooh, can I entice you to do one??

SzélsőFa said...

thanks, but not anymore, for i'm done :)

Aniket Thakkar said...

I like your 1,2,8,10 and 12 of yours a lot too. Except for buffalo wings, its any food for me. I am a vegetarian, so there.

And I totally with you on the intense eyes. I'm a sucker for those half smiles too.

And I super support 1 and 8 in the My Hates column of yours.

I knew most things already like your love for moon and old cemeteries. But you are a man of great depth so there's always a page or two to turn. :)