Monday, August 02, 2010

Readers' Choice Voting is Closed

That's it!

The voting period is now closed.

And you know what that means? Stephen and I have finished judging. Look for the uber-spectacular winners announcement tomorrow around noon! (Eastern U.S. time.)

You all have made this a truly spectacular contest. I don't remember so many perfect-score entries. I don't remember so many amazing ideas. You guys slayed it!! And it makes it all the cooler that all of this was in honor of Stephen Parrish and THE TAVERNIER STONES.

See you back here tomorrow!


Sarah Laurenson said...

Aw. Darn. My neck went out yesterday and I couldn't finish reading all the wonderful entries in time. I'm sure the rest of you guys picked awesome winners.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, for a minute I read that as "whiners" and I thought - "Wow. She really does know me pretty well."

Sarah Laurenson said...


PJD said...

Really? Wait. What?

I never voted because the last time I had a chance to look at the blog, it said "readers choice voting is not yet open." I went camping for the weekend and didn't get a chance to vote.

Dang it.

PJD said...

Sarah: Not cheese. Olives.

JaneyV said...

Sarah - I did my neck and shoulder in a couple of contests ago! It's positively dangerous!

Thanks for another great contest Jason and thanks too to Stephen and congratulations on your novel!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I hope you've got a hot pack on that.

Aerin, say it ain't so!

Peter, sorry about that. The rules were posted on Thursday, and I was updating on Twitter.

Janey, ouch! Another neck injury? (And you're very welcome. :) )

JaneyV said...

It was at new year like 18 months ago. This contest was infinitely easier due to only having 74 entries to comment on. I imagine that you had a hell of a lot more work though. How's your neck feeling?

Chris Eldin said...

Jason, I always love that you host these contests. A lot of work for you, but much appreciated.

*waving to Sarah, Aerin, Pete, JaneyV, and the rest of the talent in this neck of the woods*

PJD said...

Thanks for running the contest! I had a wicked day at Day Job Thursday, then skipped off to the wilderness, and had another wicked Day Job Monday. Came home to find voting closed. It happens!

To all my friends who didn't win Readers Choice: I would have voted for you. Really.

Unknown said...

Hi Jason

Tons of work for you, but know we all appreciate your efforts.

Thanks again for the excellent contest! And to Stephen Parrish for giving you a well deserved hand.

Dottie :)

Michelle D. Argyle said...

SO much work! I know how much work goes into something like this, and I tip my hat to you. If I had a hat. Otherwise I'm just clapping. Well done! And I look forward to seeing the winners!

Catherine Vibert said...

Thank you oh great master of Clarity of Night for only posting the 40's club. The reading was completely doable this time. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Janey, I'm asking for contest feedback at the end of the announcement. Thanks for letting me know you liked it this way! As for my neck, I don't know. Running these things is a total body experience. ;)

Chris, thanks, my friend. I'm extra motivated by the fact that people see value in them.

Peter, hope you enjoyed the wilderness! Much better than Day Job.

Dottie, thank you! And yes, we all should thank Stephen for being a wonderful co-host!

Michele, clapping is cool. :) Thanks! Yeah, these things are kind of like a long sprint, but the nice thing about doing a bunch of them over the years is that I can be pretty efficient.

Anonymous said...

Cat, yeah, I'm getting the sense that folks really like the more limited posting. Last time was insane.

Oddyoddyo13 said...


You sure know how to do a contest Jason!