Friday, September 24, 2010


they found a prophesy
written in lichen
on an under-sided stone
it read with words like stillness
and contentment
and how you only have to stand
to find yourself home
but I will not suffer the motionless
no lichen will scratch on me
so I whipped that stone into water
and skipped it twice before it fell
may it find a rank bottom
in a do-nothing hell


Erratic Thoughts said...

This has a lot of depth and I liked the pic very much.
A thought-provoking post!It made me stop and think about contenment and where/when do I get it the most!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

How do you do it? Not only such wonderful verses but you always manage an ideal picture to go with it.

the walking man said...

Yes sir that's kicking old Buddhist philosophy four square in the ass. I'm with you you got to fight and live a "heap o' livin' t' make yer house a home"

Tabitha Bird said...

Very good as always Jason.

But... why throw the stone? I kinda liked its words :)

Laurel said...

I like the notion of choosing your path to contentment. If you can be happy where you are, super. But maybe someone else's path to fulfillment, even carved in stone, isn't for you.

Youthful spirit in this one. Rebellion is a perfect title.

Seré Prince Halverson said...

Gorgeous photo, and love the imagery of the poem. But I've gotta ask, Who moved *your* Buddha? ;)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Rebellion is the ideal title for this!

"they found a prophesy
written in lichen
on an under-sided stone..."

I am envious of these lines!!!

Anonymous said...

Erratic Thoughts, provoking thought and sharing ideas between us is the greatest gift of our words. :)

Petty, I just really love it. It's such a wonderful thing to have this outlet!

Walking Man, I love that spirit! Heap o' livin' indeed.

Tabitha, I think it was wrapped in the notion of rebellion. The refusal to let the fighting spirit be tamed.

Laurel, I'd never take away someone's version of contentment. But I also know what mine cannot be.

Sere, ha! No offense to Buddha, I swear. But I believe in creation and action. I can't convince myself that everything is fine when I know it is falling short.

Kaye, I'm quite sure you don't need to envy any lines. :) You're one of the most talented poets I know.

Terri said...

Bad day at the office?
I like the bah-humbug sentiment :)

Anonymous said...

Terri, I've had a good number of bad days. And I like to stomp on them. But I can't deny the number of good ones too.

Karen said...

Love the rhythmic flow of this one, Jason. That last line really punches - great conclusion.