Monday, November 29, 2010

The Drive Home

the line sways
like a holiday parade
or fireworks with no need
to ever leave the ground
from up here they are slow
a tire hiss in the tangled night
the cold drapes over them
warm in the loss of light
as the mountain (and I) watch over them


Karen said...

Very evocative! I am jealous of this line: the cold drapes over them.

the walking man said...

Too much traffic. Good thing your watching from the mountain.

Akasha Savage. said...

a tire hiss in the tangled night. Love it.

February Grace said...

Love it!


Oddyoddyo13 said...

This was very relaxing. :) Superbly done Jason!

Seré Prince Halverson said...

I like the way you show how something sort of mundane and dreary, like being stuck in traffic, when viewed from a different perspective, transcends into the mysterious and lovely. Will think of this next time I'm in a traffic jam. :)

Anonymous said...

Karen, cold and the loss of light...very potent sensations.

Walking Man, I definitely had the better position in that moment.

Akasha, thanks!

Bru, very appreciated!

Oddyoddyo13, a perfect moment for a cup of tea. And a blanket.

Sere, I like that thought. :) It's true--the wildly different perspectives. So many diverse human experiences packed in a space as tight as our line of sight.