Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When It's Love

You look at every face in a crowd
Some shine and some keep you guessing
Waiting for someone to come into focus
Teach you your final love lesson
     --Van Halen, When It's Love

(Generation X in the 80’s)

He drove by her house.

A quiet, residential street. A non-descript collection of white siding and windows. Rose bushes. A closed front door.

As the car went on, he turned to look over his shoulder in order to catch every angle, every permutation of the pass.

Summer vacation had started last week, and he wouldn’t see her for three months. If he only talked to her, he wouldn’t be on this street, in this neighborhood, and craning his neck like a fool as the sun deepened to orange.

But he didn’t talk to her. Like a loser.

Despite the way she looked at him.


Okay, it was clearly twice. Other times too, but not so clearly.

So he turned at the stoplight and vowed he wouldn’t circle around for another go.

But September was very far away.

And she might not look at him like that ever again.


The Wanderer said...

Love it!

Karen said...

You do this so well!

the walking man said...

Stop, walk slowly, shyly up to the steps, ring the bell, let her father (it is always the father who answers the door isn't it?) see your hair gelled and spiked, the nose ring, pierced lip and the look of wanting his daughter to come out with you...good plan!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I want to believe he circled around again and stopped in.

You say so much in this brevity of words. Always a pleasure to visit here.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

This was sort of bittersweet. Definitely more sweet than bitter though. :) Superb writing Jason!

Lee said...

You mean it wasn't just the girls who circled the block???;) Loved it too!

Wild Rose said...

Beautifully expressed and here to also wish you a very happy new year my friend :)
Wild Rose~

Anonymous said...

Wanderer, thanks!

Karen, I've been missing novel writing lately. Maybe it's time to get back to it. I like building scenes.

Walking Man, probably better than driving by. Yes, definitely better.

Kaye, I like that. A brave move. The kind of the action that changes things. Makes things happen.

Oddyoddyo13, bittersweet is my middle name. Well, not really. ;)

Lee, I'd like to think that the girls circled too! I always assumed it was their evil plan to sit back and make us do all the crazy things.

Wild Rose, great to see you! Thanks for stopping by and your well wishes. :)

Lee said...

Jason, I discovered your blog last summer. Thx for expressing your thoughts in such an interesting form. It has been enriching! Happy New Year ~.

Raj said...

is he to be pitied or praised? i wish i knew :)

AS said...

If i knew to write as well, i could not have written better.

Anonymous said...

Lee, I always hope that some thoughts, ideas, and perspectives I share here resonate with others. Sounds like they have for you. Thanks for that! It's a pleasure to have you here.

Raj, good question. Probably not praised.

AS, thank you for the high compliment!

Atrisa said...

I don't know whether to smile or be sad.

Anonymous said...

Atrisa, weird, I know.

Its Time to Live said...

In today’s world he would be stopped and questioned and then handed a restraining order and a trip to jail for stalking. My how times have changed. :(

Great writing, just made me think...