Monday, January 31, 2011

Beer Philosophers 11 - Dude, You're an Einstein

If you've been a Clarity of Night reader for a while, you know the Beer Philosophers. They're a couple of dudes who get a little buzz on and misapply their college education with wacky and bizarre philosophical conversations.

Today, we take the Beer Philosophers to a whole new level. You're about to meet them, um, in person. So to speak.


(P.S., Movie making has been something I'd love to do. This site, Xtranormal, at least let me play around with watered-down animation and camera angles. I had a blast!)


the walking man said...

I some how figured they would show themselves to be much more...uh, brilliant than their previous dialogs allowed us to perceive. hahahahahaa

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, seems like you and I might be somewhat alone in finding this funny. :D That's cool. I found it pretty hilarious. They took on a life of their own as I made the video.

the walking man said...

I liked it, did you do the dialog and then enter it in text and a program convert it to speech?

Anonymous said...

The site is Basically, you choose a background, characters, background sound, then enter text for the dialogue. You can control camera angles, some movements, and some sound effects. The site automatically converts the text to speech. It's pretty cool.

I understand that the site used to be free, but now after getting one movie for free, you have to buy points to do more. It doesn't seem terribly expensive, though.