Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blue Spanish Sky

It was a sad, slow Spanish song
I knew the words, but I sang them wrong
The one I love has left and gone without me
     --Chris Isaak, Blue Spanish Sky

Even as he kissed her neck, he knew it would be one of the last.

The midday hotel simmered in silence, waiting for the heat of the afternoon. In the room, the air was spiced, and the air curtained to exotic red.

So strange how in this moment, all of her dark elixirs were poured for him, but in a few minutes, and twelve steps out into the Mediterranean street, she would already be thousands of miles away.

The midday hotel simmered the first of the afternoon heat.

And he did not pull the red curtain aside to watch her go.


Shadow said...

what a love song... poignant!

the walking man said...

Only twelve steps and already so many miles gone. The song and your words do mix and slow dance together well Jason.

I like Chris Isaak, his voice always reminds me of Roy Orbison and the way he's able to hit the high octaves.

Great one today sir.

SzélsőFa said...

as the walking man said, the music accompanies your well-chosen words quite perfectly.
a great vignette.

Lee said...


Mona said...

Last goodbye can be poignant. I wouldn't dare to lift the curtain either...

Seré Prince Halverson said...

Sultry, sad, and haunting -- the perfect accompaniment to Chris's voice. I saw him many years ago at a small venue in San Diego. He wore his mirror suit.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, thank you!

Walking Man, I can see that you felt this one. That's always a special treat for me. Thanks for that!

Szelsofa, I hadn't listened to the song in a long time. This scene jumped into my head when I did.

Lee, :)

Mona, yes, that would be too much. I'd keep my hand away.

Sere, those three words capture it so well. In that order too. And I'd bet that seeing Chris in that kind of setting was a blast! Even with the sparkles.

zingtrial said...

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