Friday, January 07, 2011

Game Friday: Recipe Me

If you're still here, I have to surmise that you survived Christmas/Hanukkah/Etc., New Year's Eve, and yes, New Year's Day. I also ticked up another notch on the age-o-meter. It's unwind time after all that, no?

Here's the game for today. Since you've probably enjoyed lots of delectable meals recently, give us a recipe for you. Translate yourself into ingredients and a slick preparation.

Here goes mine: Artichoke hearts, sliced and sauteed. A little olive oil. Some shaved Romano. A filet next to it, just a bit red in the middle, with peppercorn sauce.

It's the Jason special! Don't forget to tip your waiter.

Cook yourself up in comments.


Anonymous said...

simple... eggs, cheese, bacon bits and crushed nacho cheese doritos with a hint of hot sauce..... yuuummmm.... i dont know its the first that came to mind.

Aniket Thakkar said...

There's nothing more I love than Denny's grand-slam. Pan Cakes with lots of maple syrup, sunshine boiled eggs, seasoned French fries and hash browns. With bottomless coke, of course.

Wishing you and Aine a very happy new year, Jason! Hope you guys enjoyed your holidays. Psst: Any leaks on the next contest dates? *wink wink* :)

the walking man said...

Raw anger. Today. Eat at your own peril.

Tabitha Bird said...

Sounds good. I'm a pancake girl myself. Or soup. I love soup :)

Laurel said...

Laurel's recipe for holiday mayhem:

Sautee one mother for 40 years in Thanksgiving and Christmas meals that she won't let anyone else help with. (Warning: She will be HOT. Burn risk.)

Put tech-challenged father on back burner with computer; will require occasional stirring

Season with non-cook mother-in-law

Sprinkle in two kids geeked up about Santa

And voila! Casserole is best served with liberal quantities of wine. Dessert is anywhere but inside the house.

Shadow said...

i'd be french toast, fried in butter, rich and salty, with dijon mustard for the european touch and maple syrup for decadence. ooops, yes, and grilled bacon for the crunch.

the walking man said...

Today we drip with melting sarcasm and are slathered in metric form.

Lee said...

Orange juice with mango, non pulp. Pour into a beautiful etched stem about half way. Add chilled champagne and a hint of grenadine. Sip and savor ~. Starbux with "sugar in the raw" as a chaser in favorite mug.

Left over champagne can be used that evening in a bubble bath recipe (for real).

bekbek said...

I am flavors that partner but do not mix. Morning sunshine. Some crusty, fresh bread. A soft, runny cheese. A smooth bleu. Sliced pears. A sharp cheddar or a nice havarti. Sliced green apple. Some well-ripened persimmon, spooned out of its skin into a little bowl. Unsalted butter. Slices of sweet green pepper. Maybe a peppercorn-encrusted pate; for something warm, some lightly floured and pan-fried fresh sardines. Some spearmint leaves, and some fresh sweet basil. Maybe we need some water crackers as well as the bread. Champagne. Lots and lots and lots of champagne, tart (definitely not sweet). And a nap. The nap is an integral part of the recipe.