Monday, January 03, 2011

Horn and Hooves

in the beginning, the mind was void and without form
and Capricorn bowed deeply under the sword of Orion
the night was long, like the dreams of The Creator
before loneliness and boredom drove away primordial sleep
I was ready to ride the squeeze of the womb
a mind shedding darkness
I slid, splashed by blood and amniotic fluid
into waiting embrace of winter


AS said...

Like it, taking the thoughts to the primordial regions. Never thought of it, though the concept of education and thoughts being formed, or even the character being formed, have been head of in history.

Atrisa said...

Is it your birthday today? :P

the walking man said...

Yes sir the sword of Orion swings some to life and some to death in winter. Last night on my block it wasn't a birth.

By the by a more accurate translation of the word "was" in the Torah is became.

Tabitha Bird said...

Always a pleasure Jason, always.
Happy New Year.

Aine said...

And the darkness in the world shivered, for a bright light had just entered. A soul that doesn't rest in it's drive towards grace and achievement. The world was blessed that day...


K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Wow...such imagery and style! Happy Birthday, Jason.

Seré Prince Halverson said...

A wonderful poem and photo to mark a special day. Happy Birthday, Jason!

Atrisa said...

Oh it was! Belated happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

AS, the moment of creation can be big or small.

Atrisa, you got it! You unwound it from these murky words. (And not belated at all!)

Walking Man, better to be born than to be cut down.

Tab, have a wonderful new year!

Aine, you gave me a huge smile. Thank you for the wonderful day! :)

Kaye, the photo captures one of my favorite times of day. The last breaths of light.

Sere, hope you've been having a good holiday season. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Lee said...

"The Birthing of a Poet" - Happy Birthday Jason. The last breath of light - makes me wonder what time of day you were born. Enjoy UR day ~.

Anonymous said...

Lee, it was deep in the night. Kind of fits, doesn't it? :) Thanks for the compliment!