Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Dinner Horizons

"Where are you from?" she said.

He shrugged. "Nowhere, really."

"Around here?"

"No. Rural. Very rural. More cows than people."

"I'm a suburban girl," she said. "Nothing terribly exciting. Not like here. It took me a while to get used to the city."

"Well, cows aren't especially exciting either," he said. "I remember when the mailman would come. That was exciting."

"That's cute."

"I spent a lot of time outside," he said. "I used to think about what it felt like. Way out there. Being part of someplace so open."

She watched him.

He kind of liked it.

"Do you miss it?" she said.

He deliberated for a few moments. More about whether to tell the truth than the answer. "Yes," he said finally. "And I never thought I would."


the walking man said...

It is kind of hard to find a cow to tip in the city and sort of hard to draw on the pavement with chalk in the country. We always miss a little bit of where we came from, at least these two are trying somewhere new.

Mona said...

Like they say..there is no place like home...

Sensitive writing here!

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, so very true. And perhaps our beginnings imprint stronger than we believe at the time.

Mona, yes. :) And thanks!

Shraddha said...

I never thought I would.......... that is wat describes the human nature...

Awsome line... Nvr realy realize dat v r goin to mis d gud old things which v don realy appreaciate oderwise......