Monday, February 21, 2011


hatch a patch of twitchy skin
blink long and imagine wind
squeeze fingers in luxurious mud
tongues wetting lips plump with blood

Apollo fled so we could contemplate pain
now undulations pulsing deep
melt snows into restless rain


Jade said...

Nice sketch of the spring itch!

Restless rain, yes.

Lee said...

Agreed - oh to blooms once again ~.

Anonymous said...

Jade, thanks! Maybe I'm trying to urge spring on.

Lee, I hope the urge never withers. I think it sometimes does, though.

Seré Prince Halverson said...

Very cool photo and poem. I don't even have a favorite line, they're all so good. Sending you frog night songs from the land of winter rain...

Seré Prince Halverson said...
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Anonymous said...

Sere, and I very much appreciate that gift!