Wednesday, March 02, 2011


i keep reading
about the isolation
of social media
the dangers of disconnection
snipping the fleshy ties
but where was this amazing
network i apparently had
before these silvery electron ties
rose up and crushed
the rock and water tyranny
of distance and geography?


the walking man said...

It was there, just not as vast, fast or extended. Jason I think you have adequately given us an upside to the digital age.

Karen said...

Good point!

PixieDust said...

so true...



Rosaria Williams said...

Yeah! We counted minutes using electricity; we counted minutes using the phone; we counted words on a telegram. We lost mothers, fathers, brothers to distance and languages.

Now, now we touch them with words, sounds, and pictures any time of the day, any season, for dimes a month, for free.


Lee said...

How else would we be graced with a daily dose of your writing?

Akasha Savage. said...

A good little poem...and sadly how true!

Unknown said...

There is a disconnect, but then again, a digital reconnect... who's to say one is bad and another better? I've always been a little alone, it's not a bad thing, and sometimes, not a good thing. But through the wonders of the interweb, I can touch digital hands from around the world, and my own backyard....

D :)

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, and I like what extension offers.

Karen, thanks. :)

PixieDust, for example, I've never been to California!

Rosaria, that's right! We really had to ration our communication even 20 years ago.

Lee, you are so incredibly sweet!!

Akasha, if it weren't a good thing, would we be so drawn to it?

Dottie, exactly. That's the spirit of the poem. Was the greater isolation better? I don't think so.

SzélsőFa said...

digital connections are strange indeed. i have burnt myself with one in 2009, but there are so many good and useful ones out there....
one has to be careful.
and i think the best digital connections are those that are based on traditional relationships.