Monday, April 18, 2011

April Valley, the Dark

not many know
a valley in the spring
where despite all other legends
real vampires rise to drink

the people of the town
sense them as they tread
wriggling most every season
in mud on which they fed

but when the ice trickles
and pools are filled with eggs
the vampires crave the surface
and harden their wormy legs

wintry hunter Orion
sinks beneath the land
birds crack their thawing voices
rebirth extends its warming hands

you see them skirt the forest
people shadowed by the wood
listening to poems of twilight
surrendering if they could

no one questions
when the wanderers disappear
seeking lonely walks
wishing vampires to be near

a woman with blowing hair
leans with budding trees
imagines the unctuous lips
and pleasure in her knees

a man is searching also
along a swelling stream
his thoughts caress the shoulders
of the girl within his dreams

then the vampires do emerge
a secret hour of the spring
the few will meet their passions
moaning as peepers sing

each year they don’t return
from fancies they were warned
now swimming in layered soil
envied more than mourned

generations never leave
where lust is mixed with dread
in the greening little valley
the living love the dead


Tabitha Bird said...

Love your work. Beautiful poem :)

Lee said...

Love bites?!?!

Aine said...

"listening to poems of twilight"-- then... it's all your fault?! Reading CON lures wanderers who seek surrender. They then disappear to a place where lust is mixed with dread. And when they fail to return they are envied more than mourned.

Hmmm.... sounds about right. Yes, I know that valley!

Seriously, I really enjoyed this. You do fantasy story poems really well! (lighting my lighter...) More, please!!

SzélsőFa said...

strange and creepy... and has a certain touch of myth to it.

and Jacob asked me to say hi

Anonymous said...

Tabitha, many thanks. :D

Lee, entirely! At least in April Valley. :p

Aine, you make a strong argument. I've been proven guilty. =)

Szelsofa, I like that feedback! (And I hope you and Jacob are seeing eye-to-eye these days.)

Anonymous said...

the mention of vampire and spring together is really interesting

SzélsőFa said...

i had a good hearted laugh at your reply, Jason.
i'm sue you know jacob who i was referring to, and yes, i should seek him more often to be able to finish (revise and polish) my Copper Moon.
and yes of course, april 17/18/19 was a great occassion.
i wandered along to the back of the garden and watched the full moon above the cherry flowers.

SzélsőFa said...

sue= sure, sorry.