Friday, May 06, 2011

Special Relativity

the cosmos knows no greater gravity
than the pull of one human heart
on another


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Interesting that in the last line you write "on another" where I'd expect "to another". It gives the whole thing an entirely different meaning. :)

Lee said...

Beautiful sentiment,gah"on" makes perfect sense to me.

PixieDust said...

I love that you used "on" as opposed to "to"... it can be either cozy and protective, or smothering and deadly.


February Grace said...

Oh wow. This is so significant to my own life for so many more reasons than I can possibly articulate.

This is my favorite thing you've ever done so far. Seriously.



Mona said...

So true!

Anonymous said...

Oddyoddo13, Lee, PixieDust, I love when those unexpected (by me) shades of meaning come out for others. I didn't see that! I was thinking of the force of gravity, and how it acts on things. Like the Earth's gravitational pull on the moon, or the moon's pull on the ocean to make the tides.

Bru, serendipity today! So cool to hear when something I write strikes a particular chord.

Mona, and like gravity, can only be measured indirectly.

Aine said...

Yes, and that pull is strongest at the moment of creation. Does it gradually spiral away, weakening due to increasing distance as the years pass? Perhaps there's weakening as other bodies exert pulls in different directions. Or is it a constant? Or perhaps, since all matter is part of the cosmos, the shifts and movements toward and away don't really matter at all.

Interesting metaphor. I'm just happy that I've experienced the strongest of bonds-- a big bang, if you will-- at least once in my lifetime. I no longer need to wonder what that would feel like. Such wondering can be all consuming, to the point where the rest of the cosmos is colorless. (I expect we'll be seeing the effects of that in the next decade of our family life....)

bondgal_rulz said...

so true!!!

Lee said...

So sweet Aine ~.

Anonymous said...

Aine, I think it endures as gravity endures. And yes, the next decade should be quite ride with the girls hitting that stage!

Bondgal_rulz, good to see you! Thanks for saying so.

Lee, :)