Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Story Twists Aren’t as Fun When You’re the Twist

Does anyone have one of those dream analysis books?

Good. I need some help on this one.

Let’s say you dreamed that you and two other people found yourselves chased in a city, captured, and held captive by a psychopathic bad guy.

At some point, let’s say you manage to wrap a wooden handle around his necktie and (mostly) choke him to death. Thus, you escape.

Once loose in the city, the three of you get separated. As you run on alone, you get the feeling that the bad guy is going to appear behind you, even though it’s not really possible for him to find you after running so far.

He does appear behind you. As a zombie.

You kill him nice and good this time.

After running more, you find yourself on a university campus. However, something’s not right. As the students move towards you, they look like creepy versions of little children. At this point, you suspect that you are hallucinating and may be psychotic.

The killed zombie reappears and bites your hand.

You counterattack and start ripping apart his skull with your clawed fingers.

The zombie screams kind of like your friend.

You realize it *is* your friend. More hallucinating, apparently.

Your dream-self then realizes that YOU were in fact the psychopathic bad guy imprisoning your companions (and probably killing them).

Seeing yourself as co-victim was just another delusion.

Yeah, bummer.


Okay. There. You got that?

Hit the books, folks. Surely someone else has had that dream.




Shadow said...

good grief, what did YOU have for dinner???? i'm not informed about dream analysis, but being chased i see as an unresolved fear, and how being 'the baddie' and delusional, i see as doubts we may have...

Dr. Cheryl Carvajal said...

You seem to fear ignorance--to fear that you are misunderstanding a situation completely, and hurting others because of your own ignorance.

Either that, or you seek control, and the only way your subconscious found to do that in this particular dream was to make you the bad guy.

the walking man said...

I suggest you try dreaming literature instead of crap movies like Zombieland. Not that I didn't like when Bill Murray got shot but seriously you need a serious change of imagery in your dreams.

And uhh no just for the record I do not have dreams when I do sleep. Just blank nothing, similar to swimming easily in a sea.

To me though your dream it sounds like you are trying very hard to hold onto something or someone. And in the holding so tight you are killing whatever it is that flowed between you and it or them.

Aine said...

Since people in a dream generally represent different aspects of your self, then this seems to be about your awareness and fear of killing/changing aspects of your self.

Maybe we do need to buy one of those dream analysis books. I'm still wondering about my weird recurring sea monsters in the bay dream! :)

Lee said...

Vodka shots?!>!

strugglingwriter said...

Can't this be the image for the upcoming story contest. Please :)

I have nothing, as far as dream analysis. My dreams are usually vague, kinda like the cave drawings of the dream world. Kinda sad, actually.

Precie said...

I'm sensing anxiety and possibly subconscious guilt about the upcoming summer CoNtest. The fear of being overwhelmed by the contest evolves into your sense of responsibility for causing anxiety and stress in the eager hopeful writers who flock to you in droves. :)

Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, maybe I need to lay off the ghost pepper sauce. I like your gut interpretation (no pun intended on the hot sauce).

Shakespeare, both are intriguing concepts. I do have a lot of dreams where I am under some kind of threat. That must reflect something.

Walking Man, I thought Zombieland was hilarious. I'm not really a zombiephile, though. I don't quite get why they became such a huge draw. And that's a fascinating analysis. I've been guilty of that.

Aine, I do think something about the twist shows a kind of turning blame on myself and confusion. You need to dream a harpoon into that sea monster bay!

Lee, are you offering?

Strugglingwriter, those dreams don't sound as pathetic as my driving-here-to-there running errands dreams. It's bad enough doing that when I'm awake. (This contest photo is going to be different!)

Precie, oh my god. You GOT IT! I need to burn incense and sing to myself. Calm calm calm.

SzélsőFa said...

aww - you shold definitely write a story based upon this dream.
as for some personal description of this unbelievably believable story, i think it is about sensing and justifying, feedback on reality.
you may have reached a point to have such power/control over things that being in that situation frightens you.
perhaps you question interpretation. you even may doubt your decisions (such as: 'this one is right, that one is bad').
just my two cents... :)