Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Chair

he feared the chair at the top of the stairs
he anchored his eyes away
he sang a lullaby under his breath
to make the empty stay

the chair was draped with the faltering rays
of sickly September sun
despite the danger he finally peeked
the feeling made him run

he woke one night from a cancerous dream
the sweat in his clinging hair
a child watched from the shadowy hall
as he now filled the chair


Tabitha Bird said...

Oooh Jason! That makes me shiver.
Wonderful writing.

the walking man said...

The trouble with living is dying.

I answered your question last post.

chong y l said...

lonesome and longing to be fillied; reminds me immediately of a line from Elvis' Are You Lonesome Tonight?

PS, slightly off-topic, yet: I miss'd thy "Elemental" CONtest because I couldn't leave BUMmer's chair:( Took a toil on me after four months -- I recuperated at Furong General for se7en days!:)

Komal said...

That gave me shivers.
At times, we do dream of things like such and even end up looking at them with open eyes. Cause you know what? Darkness is a sin. It's a dream that makes you look at things that your mind fears to see.

SzélsőFa said...

aww, the pain of realization...
yet, there is hope that the child was misleaded and that the *now* is the better stance.
and let's hope for a friendly self-embrace:)

Anonymous said...

Tabitha, thanks, my friend. :)

Walking Man, that pretty much sums it up.

Desiderata, sorry you couldn't make the contest! As long as I do another one, it will be around January.

KN, darkness removes all the noise and brings down a heavy focus.

Szelsofa, to become what you fear...and a cycle you can't break.

SzélsőFa said...

just exactly my thoughts, Jason.
but there is a break to cycles. i have seen someone breaking a cycle. i'm so proud of my son and his cousins who, totally unconscious of the matter, helped him out. his success helped me, too. it's just another cycle.
have a great day :)

Atrisa said...

"Ooooh" was exactly the way my mind reacted too after reading this. Haha!