Wednesday, August 10, 2011


hatch a thought
squish your invertebrate logic
into my ossified pores
your tentacles
are my calculation
and as I think
I will pet your protoplasm~
you bring the biology
I'll bring the Petri dish
to grow it in


Dave King said...

Superb. I really enjoyed this.

Erratic Thoughts said...

Very slimy,I've always liked biology so I enjoyed this :)
It just brought back some memories from my bio-lab...
I wonder whether two biologists are trying to make a lay-man conversation, but can't seem to keep their work out it...

the walking man said...

Best piece of love poetry I have seen in months.

Anonymous said...

Dave, thank you!

Erratic Thoughts, slimy...loved that! There's an undercurrent of distaste in this one.

Walking Man, wow. That's a super compliment! I feel like you have beat on the earthy, raw poetry out there.