Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Notice: Ending My Regular Posting Schedule

Since August 2005, I've honored and successfully met a challenge I set for myself. I have posted new material here at Clarity every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. Since the fall of 2008, I even ramped up the pressure on myself, requiring (almost) every post to be solidly creative. No more easy ones. No more throwaways.

I'm officially ending my regular posting schedule. The world has changed, and I've changed. Time for me to accept that.

I think that beyond the act of writing itself and storytelling, Clarity has been an experiment in communication. My posts represent my raw thoughts and emotions squeezed through a lens of fiction, poetry, and photography. I've been intrigued to see whether and how others do the same. Like many things in life, the amazing successes I've had in these efforts are matched only by the magnitude of their failures.

I plan to continue posting, just on a non-structured basis. (I even forced myself to wait to post this note until Tuesday so that I wouldn't be keeping to my schedule through the backdoor. Ha!) Honestly, I'm not sure that less frequency will make any difference to anyone. It might even boost the fun of new posts...who knows? Maybe I just need to fashion a nice tombstone for the whole thing and let it rest in peace. Not yet, though.

Thanks for the great run. It will always be a special time to me.

Now, it's my pleasure to introduce the next era. Only, I'm not sure what it is.


the walking man said...

You were on a schedule? I guess that reveals my powers of observation. Jason just as long as YOU are content with what and how you do whatever then the rest of us (myself at least) will live with it. I am not going to remove you from the blogroll which is how I know when a new paste is made so take your time and live your life.

Dr. Cheryl Carvajal said...

I'm with Walking Man. Write when you want to. Schedules be damned!

Laurel said...

Good on you! Blogging should be fun. I'm always impressed with the discipline you scheduled poster types have but with so many of us following through RSS feeds, we will know when you have something to share.

Charles Gramlich said...

There are good things to be said about keeping a schedule. But you've said those things. Time to be more free, I agree.

Cat said...

Second Laurel. Thanks to RSS feeds, we'll be here whenever you feel like posting.

Take it easy.

Joni said...

I'm glad you're not leaving us. Evolution is inevitable, but you are a rock in this community.

Looking forward to the breezier night.

Take care.

Sarah Hina said...

Many more successes than failures.

It was a formidable goal, and a huge accomplishment, to maintain that kind of consistency over the years. I honestly don't know how you did it. I hope this next phase is good to you. Clarity, Act II. :)

Lee said...

J - I also don't know how you stayed so prolific. I've enjoyed following your posts and still will.

Clarity Act II ~ I like that!!!

Choco said...

I am a fairly new here and am mostly a silent reader, but I really enjoy your writing. And the contests you host. Keep going! :)

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, I know this seems crazy to you, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Shakespeare, Laurel, Charles, Cat, thanks for all the support!

Joni, I appreciate the sentiment behind your words and the years I've known you. Even rocks weather, I suppose. Just slowly.

Sarah, in a way, it was freeing. There are a lot of things banging around in my head all the time, and I didn't want to be alone with them. The schedule gave me a river to throw them into. It's a sad, difficult decision to let it go. But it's time.

Lee, I know you enjoy coming here, but thank you saying it out loud anyway. :) I'm still going to keep the twilight on.

Choco, it's a rare treat to talk to a silent reader. Thank you so much for your note! I can't help but believe that these curious connections we've made mean something.

JR's Thumbprints said...

However much you decide to post, the Clarity of Night will always have a special place in my heart. As for my own blog, it should be back up sometime in October. Funny thing is: as insignificant as my blog was, it found its way in the courtroom. Good luck with your future plans. I'll still be visiting here as often as possible.

Aniket Thakkar said...

It's only the proof that you are, in fact, human. I had my doubts of you being a cyborg of sorts, or may be Aine gifted you a time-turner! Respect, for sticking to a schedule for so long.

None of us(Sarah, Vesper, Jaz, Aerin, me, etc) ever declared our places 'dead'. We may post one post a year, but there are a few who seek that one post out. You'll have way more than a few of such kind. In the words of Optimus Prime - "We're here. And we're waiting".

I'm sure Aine would be happy to have more Jason-time now. Take care, master.

Looking forward to new learnings. :)

Precie said...

Just don't disappear entirely.

And welcome to a new era.

Anonymous said...

JR, I hope that whole nightmare is over for you soon. As for Clarity, I'm glad that you have good feelings here.

Aniket, well, the replicant played by Sean Young in Blade Runner didn't know she was a replicant.... Anyway, thanks for the kind words! You're a good soul.

Precie, I think I'll keep a foothold. Probably more. ;)

Linda Ryan-Harper said...

This post was a mix of history, a shareholders report, a funeral, a train schedule, prophesy, and an old fashioned revival. That you are engaged in a discipline that is governed by an unpredictable muse is a success story from which all the failures cannot deflect. Your love of the art of writing is evident and inspirational. You challenge others by hosting contests and now you are challenging yourself. This should be interesting.

SzélsőFa said...

huh, take care.
your voice will be heard, no matter the schedule.

Anonymous said...

Linda, that was a remarkable summation of the post. All very true. It's always a comfort to see a person understand the many nuances of things. Thank you!

Szelsofa, thanks, my friend. Keep fighting the good fight!

southernwriter said...

You had a schedule?

Anonymous said...

Southernwriter, yes. I can see that not everyone realized it, though. I announced it in 2005 and kept it faithfully.