Monday, September 12, 2011


when the hammer blow falls
even solid steel
ripples like water
just tight and small and fast
sound travels faster in solids
its the proximity of atoms
just like anxiety move faster
through a crowd
or static from fingertips
just before the touch
the hammer blow falls
distance matters
closeness matters
the hammer would even miss
if you were farther away


the walking man said...

I hear the hammer falling every day...the noise doesn't like you say travel as fast as the bullet.

Jackie Jordan said...

This reminds me of the butterfly effect theory. Every miniscule cause has a greater effect, as the ripples in a pond from a tiny pebble, or the proverbial cat trotting across the Golden Gate.

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, that's because the sound is traveling in air. The sound would be much faster traveling through a solid.

Jackie, very true. We live the butterfly effect.