Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Night of Nightmares for a Sunday Sleep

i dreamed i was in the room
and she was too
she walked like you or i
strolling past the bed from the bathroom
with not normal cares and a twist of anxious worry
and she was dead and she knew it

we talked a little about she where was going
the needs pressing her
and an undercurrent of fear
i even thought for just a slice of a moment
that i might try to save her
but those are just my old ways
and she was dead and we both knew it

that room in the hotel had mildew in the bathroom
and bad bad green and blue carpeting
i'd only love that worn bed if i were super tired
but i stood there as she approached almost normally
and i was afraid even though she even had pretty eyes
because she would always be dead
and i knew it


Aine said...

Just stopping by with a white rose to let you know you're not alone...

Joni said...

I read this, sleepy, in my bed, and then drifted off for a tiny nap.

When I woke up it was the first thing on my mind, as if the thinking of it was never interrupted, but just fogged over. It produced a delicious kind of creepy longing.

I like the voice of this piece.

Valerie Geary said...


SzélsőFa said...

quite chilling!
it does sound like a nightmare, but sometimes reality is not that far.
hang on!

the walking man said...

I would embrace her...it could go either way, she could live again or I could join her. either way *shrug* at least there would be the pretty eyes.

Sorry for missing so many posts Jason but I have schedule changes and the blahs. I will try to do better because your voice is one that normally resonates in my old man mind.

Anonymous said...

Aine, :)

Joni, that's kind of a cool thought. Thanks for sharing it with me! It snuck into my brain like that too. It followed you into your sleep also.

Valerie, thanks! I do have odd dreams.

Szelsofa, it really was a dream. But you're right. Reality is often not far behind.

Walking Man, that's really a nice a thing to say! Sometimes I do wonder what draws you here. No worries about missing posts. I embraced that same concept when I let go of my own schedule. I just like knowing that something resonates.