Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blowing on the Embers

just me
in a forest
high over
the highway
Orion tilts
loosens his belt
and Andromeda
smiles overhead

just me
in a forest
by a stove fire
in the dark
the radio
at the edge
of my consciousness
like old movies
I've seen before

just me
in a forest
two nightfalls
two dawns
three hundred miles
and I'm not
such a bad companion
after all


the walking man said...

Once I learned to live with who and what I am becoming I found the same thing...not a bad companion at all.

Aniket Thakkar said...

"and I'm not
such a bad companion
after all" is such a beautiful way to end this piece.

I love driving on the empty roads at night and can spend hours staring at Orion. Sometimes, the best company is self.

Reading this shortly after the INTP post, has me worried. Hope all is well with you and you're just experimenting, as always.

Big hello to Aine!

Jean said...

Tolerating oneself is half the battle. Maybe more.

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, I'm with you. In a solitary kind of way....

Aniket, over the years, I might not have expected certain answers, or particularly like them, but as an INTP, I am bound to accept the answers I find. That said, it's nice to experience contentment in them. I can't deny that's a nice bonus.

Jean, interesting to use the word "tolerating." I agree, that can be a struggle. I'm fortunate not to struggle with toleration, but feeling content with being solitary was a very different matter. In the end, I think that looking to yourself first for happiness is about 85% of the battle.

Lee said...

It's funny that people read into this as being a bad thing to be alone. I read it as contentment - a coming to appreciate oneself if you will. As far as your recent INTP post - what a wonderful thing to share with others who you are - are you sure you don't have an F in there?

Anonymous said...

Lee, I always did have a vibrant F function, I think, but it wasn't my comfort zone. It wasn't as tuned to others as it might have been. But I've worked hard on it over the years. I needed to if I didn't want to be wholly isolated.

Atrisa said...

Wow. This has such a calmness about it.