Thursday, December 01, 2011

Beer Philosophers #12 - Streaming

"There really isn't anything more sublime than the ability to pee in the woods."

"How so?"

"Think about it. You're inside, you have to go, you walk outside. You unzip, take matters directly in hand, and you relieve yourself of your unwanted burdens. No plumbing necessary. No toilet. No scented bowl disinfectant. No infrastructure of any kind. There is no need to manufacture plastics, smelt iron, or buy a pipe wrench. Just you, trees, thirsty ground, and a sparkling fountain that doesn't even disturb your wardrobe. Girls can't pee in the woods, man. Not like this. That's like an invitation for urinary chaos."

"Um, I'm having a little trouble with the not-disturbing-your-wardrobe this time."

"Oh. Bummer."

"Don't worry. It'll dry."

"Then when I'm done, I zip up, and voila! I stride back into the cabin proud and ready for a fresh beer."

"You know. I'm glad we have this time to spend together."

"Me too."

"In fact, I look forward to our next session of sharing our manhood with nature."

"But not too eagerly."

"Yeah. Good point. That would be weird."


Cloudia said...

man stuff

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Lee said...

K - I'm glad I'm a girlie girl. Love the male humor though, ;)

the walking man said...

I hate when I get my shirt wet when I piss off my front porch. Who needs a tree when a bush will do.

LiVEwiRe said...

Ha, as if that weren't eager enough. Oh, boys and their toys.

Jackie Jordan said...

Granddaddy Jordan was a hillbilly. My dad was so proud when we installed his first toilet in his shanty shack. The 90 year old man never used it. He preferred his outhouse, even in the dead of winter. He said that he just can't imagine "going" in the house. Just don't feel right.

Anonymous said...

Cloudia, yep.

Lee, you didn't want to embrace that experience in the forest anyway. :)

Walking Man, sounds like a windy day.

Livewire, good to see you! You picked an interesting post to land on.

Jackie, that's a fascinating observation! I can see it. You wouldn't think that's an appropriate activity for in the house.

Obren Starović said...

Hey, will you ever make more of these beer philosophers? It's great stuff.