Monday, December 05, 2011

Composer (When I Think of You)

i want the anticipation
hanging in exquisite silence
like an audience
before a symphony
then the first note
so deliciously sweet
bends like the draw
of a violin bow
but the sigh is your hunger
first fed
and the bend is your neck
with lips parting
and hunger is heavy
behind the composition
and the audience grips armrests
to not tear apart the air
that carries the notes
in shaking frustration
dark and lusting
so strangely weaving
feminine and masculinity
alive and slick with
complexity and harmonics
beyond words
and I can discover
a melody rising
crying out
and i could compose forever
if you would let me
and no two phrases
would ever be the same
because my creativity
is infinite
and i would out-sail the tides
of ecstasy and transcendence
because the primeval fires
burn with art and throbbing rhythm
and the torture becomes the resisting
reaching for the conductor's baton
so translate the performance
into writhing and poise
because it truly is
a death not so little
and when the waters calm
and we wait for the familiar darkness
in the huge cozy theater
until all the instruments
cannot abide the silence
and leap again
to play


Atrisa said...

I got chills reading this. You are phenomenal! I wish I wrote this.

Lee said...

Wow and Wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Atrisa, I'm humbled by that comment. There are those of us who can relate to this sentiment. I think you do.

Lee, thank you!

Patsy said...

I'm just off for a cold shower.

Atrisa said...

I can read this over and over. Plays out in my head like a Damien Rice song. How did you even...? Sigh. This is my benchmark for my own future poems.