Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beautiful Abyss

in a hip hop orbit
circling binary stars
a planet blows
with ice
and methane wind
and except for the shapes
stenciled by storms
nothing changes
nothing ever changes
yet deep
under the black ocean
liquid flows
warmed by the rub
of gravitation's hands
and life boils
everything boils
and always has


Liane Spicer said...

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful image.

matt said...

That, is beautiful...

Jackie Jordan said...

Where there is no presence of mind, there is an uninhabitable abyss that lays dormant, waiting, anxiously waiting for coherency of some rational purpose, rather than its cold, present void.

Your poetry is astounding, thought provoking and far reaching … kudos!

Joni said...

I think people can be like that too.

Very touching, Jason.

Lee said...

Beautiful Abyss - nice oxymoron for a beautiful poem ~.

Anonymous said...

Liane, great to see you!

Matt, much appreciated.

Jackie, thank you for the high praise! Good metaphors are hard to find these days, so I really like when I find one. :)

Joni, yes. Very much so. Sometimes its a long way through the ice.

Lee, I liked that about the title. As beautiful as it ultimately might be, an abyss is still an abyss.

Wild Rose said...

Nice lyrics Jason and i haven't seen you at my blog for a while, stop by soon :)

Wild Rose~

Anonymous said...

Wild Rose, I definitely will!