Friday, March 23, 2012

Circle in the Sand

Anywhere you go
We are bound together
I begin where you end
Some things are forever
     --Belinda Carlisle, Circle in the Sand

The stars hung above the churning surf. Motionless. Not like the sheets of foam that fanned across sand, then pulled back out to sea.

Her hair fluttered in the longshore breeze. Shells jabbed at the soles of her feet. Her eyes followed the strand curving in the distance.

A track of footprints traced the shoreline.

Her mind wove through all of the reasons she should follow them.

And all the reasons she should not.


the walking man said...

The great truth of the crossroads of the mind...which is the right direction for me to take, have I enough experience here to cope with the future or do I need stay here on this spot of shells and sand for a bit longer.

Lee said...

I think I've followed those footsteps in my youth.

Cat said...

Your description of the surf is lovely, Jason. And I love how you turned reader expectation on its head. My first thought were the footprints were hers, only to discover that they were not.

Always glad to see you posting.

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, it's your essence. No more standing still.

Lee, they probably didn't lead to where you hoped or thought they would. They never seem to.

Cat, thank you! Descriptions always fall short of the reality, but I do still keep trying. :)

Jackie Jordan said...

I have lived near the sea my entire life. One night in particular, I had the unique experience of being stranded near the jetties in the middle of the night. I asked myself, "Walk or wait". At that very instant I saw lights turning in the distance. My saviors had arrived on this frosty night.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, a potent memory. It's nice when saviors appear in your life.

SzélsőFa said...

hah, i absolutely loved this song when i was at the university.
this vignette reminds me of the notion of the 'treaded path'.

Anonymous said...

Szelsofa, great memories from back then. :)

SzélsőFa said...

no, not really.
i was kind of alone, and isolated, which made me feel uneasy at first, but to which i developed a strong liking.
hm, this got me thinking....