Monday, April 09, 2012

Facing the Sun: Writers for Richard Levangie

Fellow writer Richard Levangie just underwent serious surgery to remove a brain tumor. Twenty-nine of his friends have contributed fiction, poetry, essays, parables, and lots of other tasties to an anthology to raise money for him. My contribution is original fiction entitled "Impressions."

Here's the deal. Go to THIS SITE and make a donation in any amount to receive an electronic copy of the anthology. Whether you do it to help Richard and his family or because you want to read my piece (or both), I do hope you'll give what you can.



Note--The title, Facing the Sun, was inspired by a quote from Charlotte Whitton: "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you."

Get these wonderful morsels of art for your donation:

Choose Me, by Erica Orloff
Always There, by Jude Hardin
Unspoken Water, by Wendy Russ
Virtue of a Misanthrope and Gum, by Michelle Hickman
Relative-ity, by Sarah Hina
Sonata for a Simple Organism, by Amy Saia
Set Free, by Aerin Bender-Stone
What Writing Means to Me, by John Kauffman
Climb, by Kate Inglis
Rebuilt, by Alissa Grosso
Lost and Found, by Natasha Fondren
The Hard Way, by Travis Erwin
until the zeros stare, by Jennifer Joseph
Love Tea, by J.A. Zobair
Pennies, by B. Nagel
A Year Round Vegetable Garden, by Niki Jabbour
11 Minutes, by Mark Terry
The Dreams of Hammond Schuster, by Catherine Vibert
Katherine Lived, by Laurel Montgomery
Two Poems, by Peter Dudley
Sparkle, by Sandra Cormier
Brainstorming, by Melanie Hooyenga
Mexican Anecdote, by Matt Shifely
Dinner Time, by Sarah Laurenson
Between Two Worlds, by Stacy Chambers
Sweet Deal, by Aniket Thakkar
A Parable, by Stephen Parrish
Stuck on a Truck, by Robin Becker


Lee said...

What a beautiful gesture ~.

Anonymous said...

Much warmth in this group. :)

Richard Levangie said...

Consider my little heart touched, Jason! I am home now and resting well. I still face a number of challenges going forward but the efforts of you and so many writers have made that road a little easier..

Thank you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Richard, so glad that there are so many positives! All of our hopes for a speedy recovery are with you.