Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Quirky Meme

Thanks to Livewire at In the Blink of an Eye, who tagged me for this meme, I am about to divulge quirky things about myself. The rules are simple. Reflect for a while on your quirks, then list 'em. Here goes:

1. I'm very science and logic minded, so I don't believe in things which can't be observed and repeated. Yet, I wholeheartedly WANT fanciful things to be true (like hauntings, magic, etc.).

2. I'm at my best when put on the spot and barraged with questions and problems. If you sit me down with a long project on my own, I'll descend into abject boredom.

3. I work for short periods of time on things I don't want to do, then reward myself (like checking blogs!). If I didn't hold off the rewards, I might never do the work.

4. I view children as inherently evil. (Okay, not literally evil). As I parent, I see my job as reshaping a raw, selfish force into a positive member of a community. A good deal of "me me me" mentality must yield for that to happen.

5. I can't stand being around nervous, unfocused people. I've put great deal of effort into remaining calm and dependable in a pinch. Nervous, unfocused people are life-force vacuums to me.

6. On the train, I've conducted statistical analyses of how many people pick at their dandruff while they read. And which fingers they use. Drives me crazy.

7. I randomly throw dry humor into conversations to see whether the people I'm talking to are quick enough to get it. I then tend to gravitate to the people who do.

8. I worry about approaching public speaking engagements, but enjoy them once I start talking.

9. I will play music (bagpipes, piano), might sing (especially if alcohol is involved), but will never, ever dance. (Lame, slow dance swaying is acceptable if forced).

So there you have it! I suppose the purpose of the meme is to give a better picture of a person through their oddities. Did it work?

Any of the Clarity of Night Owls should feel free to tag themselves. However, I especially encourage the newer bloggers:

Allen at A Novel Idea
Jeff at The Write Thing
Kara at Mountaintop Architecture

and newer Night Owl:

Mermaid Oceanus at Mermaid

To give it a go!


LiVEwiRe said...

Wow. Numbers 6 & 7 remind me alot of someone else I know. =) With 7 though, isn't it great to see who catches on, who looks at you funny (but doesn't know why) and who just breezes on like nothing happened b/c they didn't catch on. Kind of a fun little game, too. And how is it that playing bagpipes (which I love, by the way) is easier than dancing? I mean, have you seen people dance?... Thanks so much for doing this, it does give me more insight into the qualities and quirks that are 'you'.

anne said...

It won't surprise liVEwiRe that 6 & 7 speak to me too - spotting business-attired men picking their nose is an old fave of mine. And 7. Well. 7 really.

jane said...

Regarding number 4, evil is definitely a good word! You may e able to guess that I am not a parent!

Bunneh said...

Hee! I am completely guilty of #7 as well.

I may tag myself to do this if I can even THINK of ten quirky things about myself...

Bernita said...

# 1. Oh yes. That's it exactly.
#7. You are without doubt a lost member of our family. May I adopt you?

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Jason, yikes. LOL! I admire your honesty. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Number 7 really seems to be a common characteristic among us.

Livewire, yes, I have seen people dance. LOL! It's definitely a hang up, but I couldn't put myself out there like that unless I KNEW I was good at dancing, and I'm pretty darn sure I'm not. Anyway, I'm too old to be young and crazy now. (Alright, alright. I've never felt young and crazy. Are you happy now?) :)

Anne, nosepickers, oh yeah, we've got those too! And much, much more. Don't they realize they're in PUBLIC?

Jane, I'm definitely not in the children-are-cherubs-let-them-freely-express-themselves-no-matter-what camp.

Bunneh, I hope you do try it. I'm sure there are a few quirks you can dig up.

Bernita, yes.

Kelly, care to expose a few quirks of your own?

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Hmm, okay, I'm up for it...

I'm obsessive with the Internet. I blog-hop, forum-hop, and check my email everyday, and every hour when I'm home.

I fantasize about selling my book.

I believe in ghosts, ESP, and the afterlife.

And...I'm nearing 30 and still play video games. ;)

Jeff said...

I accept, but give me a couple of days to count em up, sort em out, and put em down. :)

Shesawriter said...

4. I view children as inherently evil. (Okay, not literally evil).

ROFL. Couldn't agree more. But I love the little devils just the same. :-)


mermaid said...

Logical AND artistic. Who would have thought...

Anonymous said...

Kelly, definitely with you on your numbers 1, 2, and 4. (I was ten or eleven when Space Invaders came out. Ahhh, the golden era.)

Jeff, thanks! I'll keep a look out for your post.

Tanya, yeah they are kind of endearing in their own demonic way.

Mermaid, it may very well be an odd combination. What do you think? Aren't you a candidate also?

Kara Alison said...

Jason, I've done my best with my list of quirks. It's been rather difficult to do this, but I enjoyed the challenge.

TheTart said...

So far, in my travels through the archives of your blog, I have found nothing written related to love. Most of it seems to be inner "magic
or deep thoughts of a singular person ~ but no speck of love or longing of such, why?

If I were to answer this question ... I might think it is because you have all the love you need and find no reason to write about it. Love is not your muse or a driver. Am I close?

U R a mystery. ; )

The Tart
; )