Friday, March 17, 2006

A Parting in Spring

May 6, 1866
53 Yrs, 11 Mo. & 23 D's

Farewell companion of my
youth, farewell;
thou'st left me lonely in this
world of pain.
O may we meet in heavenly bliss
to dwell.


I dedicate the first flower of spring I see
to Louisa Irey and her husband aggrieved.


(St. Peter's United Church of Christ, West Pikeland Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania)

NOTE: In honor of approaching spring and the stirrings of love it brings, my next serial fiction piece will be a romance. (Actually, make that paranormal romance. I know, I'm hopeless.)


ann marie simard said...

Hi Jason and thanks... sun's back!

When I lived in Africa I learned a lot about the necessity of rain.

Somehow, somehow this brings me back to romance....

love the photo and the text. It is romantic in the right sense i.e. no syrup, maple or otherwise... just plain beautiful.

I could not in any way or manner write a traditional piece of romance, it has to be my brand of romance which is more lyrical than romantic. So...of course you're right. Make it yours! I liked that book opening you wrote about at Tanya's.... the guy in the clock...

Take care and thanks for this piece... nice to have pics and text.

Ann Marie

Eileen said...

Creepy story for you. Traveling through Salem Mass. one year found a gravestone with my own name on it- even had devoted wife of Robert (which is my husband's name) Talk about the willies.

Rene said...

Spring, huh? We're just starting winter now. Stupid California weather.

Oh goodie, I'm a patsy for romance, particularly paranormal.

Anonymous said...

I see blogger is getting worse, not better. Now the comment count is off.

Ann Marie, I'm fascinated by how many bloggers I've met (virtually of course) who either are in Africa or lived there. I LOVE the global impact of the internet. I have to think that communication like this over time will reduce conflicts between different peoples.

I understand what you mean about your own brand of romance, I consider my short story "Caroline" (you can find it in my index) a romance of sorts. Don't laugh everyone!! ;)

Thanks for the comment on my novel. You can see a blurb for it, if you want, in a link from my profile. I will be announcing in a day or two that the first draft is finished!!

Anonymous said...

Eileen, that's pretty intense! Especially with the husband's name too. You don't have any flashback memories of living in Salem, do you? ;)

Rene, given how many of my visitors are romance writers, I figured it would be a popular choice! Yeah, and what's with that wacky California weather? I saw pictures on the news.

Erik Ivan James said...

Another beautiful sharing, Jason.

Romance? You are one for new adventures, aren't you?

Sandra Ruttan said...

A hopeless romantic!

Again, a beautiful tribute. You're a prince among men, you know!

Kelly Parra said...

Another great one, Jason! You are quite the talented guy. =D

Melissa Marsh said...

Oh, how romantic and how lovely.

Yay! I can't wait to read your new stuff!!!

Jeff said...

Very nice, Jason. :)

btw- sorry, my blog is still not working, so let me tell you here how flattered I was by your comments on my last short story, "Patience." Thanks :)

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Ah, another nice picture.

Buffy said...

That depresses the hell out of me.

It's too touching.

Too much love.

Too much loss.

Anonymous said...

Erik, short stories are wonderful opportunities to stretch your legs! Novels, on the other hand, have to be planned so carefully. I don't dare go out on a limb with all of the work involved in a novel.

Sandra, you really know how to make me blush. *smiling* Yes, I am a hopeless romantic.

Kelly, I do like to dabble! ;) What's that old saying? Jack of all trades, master of none?

Melissa, thanks!! I know this is a serious undertaking. With all the romance pros here, I must be out of my mind to attempt it. =D

Jeff, blogger has really smacked you around today. What a drag. I'm glad I was able to read your story and comment in the midst of it. Sometimes I feel like bloggers are like classmates in high school. I feel a special affinity with those who started around the time I did. We're learning together! It's really a pleasure to see all of the growth we're experiencing.

Anonymous said...

Dana, =)

Buffy, I'll make up for it with my story. (A similar theme, perhaps??)

beadinggalinMS said...

Helloooo Hellloo is this going to work??

Another moving beautiful tribute Jason!!
You are a hopeless romatic at heart.

I can't wait to read your paranormal romance!! Is it done yet?? heehee :)

Anonymous said...

BeadinggalinMS, =D. I will try to have the first part up Sunday night, but I'm not certain. My wife and I are enjoying a little overnight getaway by ourselves. Sleepovers at Grandma's are cool. ;)

beadinggalinMS said...

You lucky dog!! Go have fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

BeadinggalinMS, =D. Thanks! We had a great time.

Lady M said...

I so love headstones like that.

I swear - people think I'm nuts when I say that...

They are so touching - so real... So momentous.

Lady M

Anonymous said...

Lady M, don't worry, you can hang with me and the other closet graveyard lovers here. It's amazing how few people use a memorial to give a personal observation, a few words for posterity. In a strange way, cemeteries would be much more "alive" if they did.