Friday, July 28, 2006

The Interview Meme

Up and coming novelist, and overall cool cat, Kelly Parra, has tagged me for a meme called "The Blogger's Interview." I haven't been tagged for a while, so I'm actually kind of excited! My task is to answer the following questions:

1. When did you first start blogging and why?

I started The Clarity of Night on August 18, 2005, so I'm coming up on my one year anniversary.

I suppose I did it out of desperation. Novel writing is a dangerous business. Mistakes aren't cheap. Let's face it, we only have so many years to live, and each less-than-successful attempt is one less novel we can write later. I had been banging around on my own for a few years, and I started to feel trapped. I wasn't sure I was on the right track. I wasn't sure I was writing the right way. I wanted to explore more things than one storyline revision after revision. This blog started as a wide-open creative outlet for me to pour all of my far-flung interests into. Since each post didn't take too much effort, I could do anything, take chances, and most importantly, get feedback. I soon discovered how much I could learn simply by watching how people reacted.

2. What don't you talk about?

I'm not into internet controversy. I find online arguments emotionally draining. Y'all know I'm a lawyer, so I come here for harmony and creativity, not more conflict and fighting. I deal with enough of that at work.

3. Are you and your blogging persona the same person?

Yes. What probably doesn't come through is I like to joke around, think on my feet, and have philosophical conversations. I have a dark, dry sense of humor. Also, in whatever group I'm in, I usually become the resident confidant/psychologist. And if you won't tell me, I can usually find a way to coax it out of you.

4. How do you use blogging to build friendships?

I've always felt a bit out of step with most people around me. By creating a little reflection of my perceptions here and opening it to the world, I've been able to meet like-minded people. I'd have to say this ability to break down distance and isolation is one of the greatest gifts of the internet.

5. How would you describe your writing style?

My writing style has been changing and sharpening. I feel I write much closer to the action than I did before. I've also learned to better see beyond the rules and the grammar to build a direct link between the words on a page and an experience in the brain. My greatest goal is to have a reader to feel the wind and see the colors. My characters tend to be introspective and have a touch of hopeful sadness, if that makes any sense.

Thanks for the challenge, Kelly! If you'd like to give this meme a go, drop a note in the comments and we will all be sure to stop over.


Flood said...

"Hopeful sadness' makes sense to me!

Great post, Jason.

Scott said...

You have me intrigued on a personal level. I so enjoy a good conversation.

anne said...

You'll have to find yourself new goals: I recall a nautical drama that was so vividly written that I pictured everything without even understanding it all...

Bev said...

"And if you won't tell me, I can usually find a way to coax it out of you."

I'll bet this ability makes you a great lawyer too!!

I can totally identify with your feeling of wanting to get some feedback too. I'm enjoying the "ride" on your blog, and I'm really glad I found it

beadinggalinMS said...

Jason I always feel the wind and see the colors when reading your stories.

The Tart said...

More info please! I loved this post. So fun to learn about fellow bloggers. ; )

The Tart

Anonymous said...

Flood, thanks. :)

Scott, I do too. Perhaps we'll get a chance someday.

Anne, thank you! It's such a thrill to hear when something I've written sticks in a person's memory.

Bev, it does come in handy! But it's even more valuable in writing. People have told me some amazing stories.

Beady, thanks, my friend. :)

The Tart, bloggers are rather intriguing! I like learning about the people behind the blogs too.

Melissa Marsh said...

Jason, I love your description of the Internet - I've met so many great people via the 'Net that I never would have before.

anne frasier said...

ah, instead of exposing yourself you've somehow added another layer of intrigue! how'd you do that???? ;)

i'm with bev on this interesting line:

"And if you won't tell me, I can usually find a way to coax it out of you."

what keeps surprising me is when people started blogging. when i came upon your blog, you hadn't been blogging long -- but i thought you had. same with kelly. you guys were pros, with such a clear and solid vision. very impressive.

great post, jason.

cheesemeister said...

My answers are here:

I think I feel hopeful sadness too. Anyway it's more hopeful sadness than sad hopefulness.

Jeff said...

Like you, I've found blogging to be a great way to meet and interact with like-minded people.
Thanks for sharing, Jason. :)

Jer said...

My answers can be found at

Thanks, Jason. I enjoyed reading your answers. Jer

Anthony J. Rapino said...

Very cool. I've never heard of a meme before (and I'm still not sure I know what it means). Glda I got a chance to read more about your style (blogging and writing).

Sandra Ruttan said...

A lawyer into harmony?

Tee hee...

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I count you among them. :)

Anne, you're too kind! :) Thanks for the comment about my "pro" status early on. I guess my angst didn't show through. ;)

Cheesemeister, I liked your interview. :) And I agree, sad hopefulness would be worse.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, yes! And I'm happy to have met you early in my blogging.

Jer, another great interview! Thanks!

Anthony, memes are internet games which get passed person to person by "tagging." Feel free to pick this one up on your own blog.

Sandra, rare breed, aren't I? Good thing they're not all like me. We'd all be out of work.

Kelly Parra said...

I'm a cool cat?? =D

Great interview, Jason! You have made such a creative and wonderful place here on blogland, and it's so neat to have been visiting for so long and gotten to know you bit by bit with each post. And still there's so much more to learn about you.

lol! I just realized I'm babbling. =D

Anonymous said...

Kelly, definitely a cool cat! :D I hope to keep you interested for a long time to come. Thank you for coming along with me. :)

Bhaswati said...

Great meme, Jason. Your wisdom, so well reflected in each piece you write, should make it obvious that in a group of people you would be the resident psychologist/confidant.

You most definitely make me feel the wind and enjoy the rain. I am glad you started this blog. It's a gift.

Anonymous said...

Bhaswati, I'm humbled by your words. I'm not sure what to say other than thank you. :) You all make this such a wonderful experience.