Friday, July 21, 2006

Little Windows--Dad's Groovy Hat

Dad's hat. I think he mowed the lawn in it.

No wait. He didn't even wear a shirt for that. I'm really not sure when he sported this 70's masterpiece. I know he did, though.

I see my face. My admiration. They're not diminished by the presence of the camera. (Nice backlighting, by the way. Come on, guys!)

I try to remember what it felt like to try on the gloves. Much more intimate than stepping into someone's shoes.

I think I remember. I'm not sure.

I probably don't remember.

Hats become just hats. And gloves get lost on the closet floor.

It can be so easy to inspire wonder in a child.

I remind myself. Do not rely on that wonder.

(The "Little Windows" Series: A while back, I transferred our old Super 8 home movies onto VHS. Now I'm moving those to DVD. They're an odd record of the past. More vibrant than photos, but still distant and imperfect. I thought it might be fun to share some of these "little windows" into my past.)


JLB said...

The gloves and shoes comments totally sparked some great memories for me - thanks!

Flood said...

I think you can rely on that wonder. Some of my best memories after 3 y/o were of fleeting images; a tattoo, a manly smell, a uniform, sailboats in bottles.

For your own children it'll be the same. Your hands typing, or gesturing. Papers. Car rides to cemetaries.

It all adds up to the images we have of our parents that stay with us always.

Wonderful post.

littlepuddle said...

I liked it. It reminded me of when I was just a kid.

...Wait, I still am one. :)

I mean when I was younger than I am now. The gloves reminded me of the little tea parties I used to have. Also all the bad things I did. :o

Shesawriter said...


Is that you in that pic? What a cutie pie! :-)

anna said...

What great shots! Nice to
look backwards.
I could grab that little guy up and squeeze him. so cute!

Anonymous said...

JLB, my pleasure. Isn't that a sharp hat? ;)

Flood, car rides to cemeteries! Loved that. :D

LP, oh, I'm sure you never did anything bad, right? (Well, not too bad, I'm sure.) What do you think your fondest memories will be?

Tanya, yes, I was a star of the Super 8's. Didn't I tell you? hehe. Thanks! =D

Anna, go ahead! He wouldn't mind. :)

anne said...

That hat looks fab. As do you - of course. :)
Why not rely on the wonder?

bekbek said...

Wow. You remind me of my grandfather's gloves. He had leather gloves with a lining inside. They were big. I liked how they folded instead of bent when I curled my fingers --the leather wasn't like anything my mittens were made of.

Which leads me to remember when he died, we went through some of his stuff. He had bear gloves. Giant leather gloves covered in fur. Had them from the war, delivering an ice breaker to Russia. I completely forgot about them. They're among the few things I brought home with me.

Thanks, Jason! Sparking others' memories with your own...

anne frasier said...

what a sweetie!

a child's view is such a strange, fascinating one.

when's a current photo appearing? no, i didn't forget about that. :D

Robert Ball said...

It's interesting what things and events make deep impressions upon children. Often the simple objects and casual conversations have a deeper and more lasting impact on their little psyches than stern lectures, sermons and what we preceive as "important events". The juxaposition of objects and events with an open portal to the soul allows the pouring in of a stream of sights, sounds and feelings that can last a lifetime. How this happens we often know not, but when it does hope that the impressions are worthy of saving.

Anonymous said...

Anne, it's easy when children worship you. The challenge is to stay close to them as they turn into the people they choose to become. We can't let our own needs, shortcomings, and disappointments obscure the fact that we can never demand love, we can only strive to be the kind of person whom others love easily.

Bekbek, that's a wonderful story about your grandfather's gloves! So many dreams and experiences must flutter through your mind when you hold them.

Anne, I love the purity of a child's view. It shows how the mind works without the guidelines of education. ** I haven't forgotten about a current picture either! :D I know it must be a little strange building a picture of me only from impressions. You know how uptight I am about photography, though! I want a certain feel and composition in the picture. I've been collecting ideas....

Robert, you are so right. When dealing with my own young children, I always try to conjure up memories of what worked best when I stood in their shoes.

kan said...

what a great photo.
i look forward to exploring your blog!

Anonymous said...

Kan, much appreciated! I hope to see you back.

Claire said...

Do not rely on that wonder. An intriguing line to say the least. So many possibilities.

And you looked cute in the hat!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Claire! I guess 70's fashion has made a comeback. :D

I know that line is a bit ambiguous. But I like that in short pieces. It gives folks some room to move around in.

My reply to Anne above tries to explain what I had in mind, though.

Scott said...

I would remind that little boy to never forget that wonder. This reminds me of a fishing hat my grandpa wore, and my dad's old ten gallon black cowboy hat. There is comfort in letting that wonder sweep over me, long after its power has gone.

Jeff said...

Nice photos, Jason. It's amazing how so many memories can often spring from a single photo.

Anonymous said...

Scott, it's wonderful when a little of the magic remains.

Jeff, true, very true. :)