Monday, August 14, 2006

Dreaming of Autumn (and Next Week's Contest!!)

I'm writing this Saturday night surrounded by dark forest. The sky is cloudy, what little I can see. Only the brightest stars are struggling through.

Autumn has dropped in for an early visit. I know it won't last, but the breezes today and groaning trees don't seem to understand. It's downright cold, and the campfire won't help you unless you're very close and the smoke gets in your clothes. Ever notice how smoke smells different in cold air? It's such an annoyance in the summer. It mixes with the mud and bug spray and constant sweat. But in the cold, smoke is a friend, like the spirit of leaves gone crisp and brown. Tonight we'll have the blankets pulled up high.

In little over a week (August 22nd), my short fiction contest with Anne Frasier will begin!! Please help spread the word next Tuesday with a short mention and link on your own blogs. We'll have more fun, more camaraderie, and MORE PRIZES. We'll be celebrating the imminent release of Anne's new book, Pale Immortal, and autographed copies are included in the prizes!

I thought I'd leave you with a funny little mountain moment. I wasn't satisfied with the coyote picture I posted recently, so I set up for another try. No luck, I'm afraid, but I did get some mischief for my trouble. A porcupine came along a chewed part of my cable lock. Here's the perp actually heading in for the job!

Good thing he didn't show his face. We could get a solid ID on him then.

Anyway, the moon has just risen over the mountain range in the north. It's not quite full, maybe in a couple more days.* It's eerie how you look up and see brilliant white through the leaves.

Hope you're all having a good weekend. And a restful night.

(P.S. New to my blogroll--the powerful poetry of The Alcoholic Poet.)

*Oops! Jade pointed out that somehow I missed the full moon, and it's actually waning. Thanks Jade!! I hate when I make a lunar faux pas!


Bhaswati said...

Sounds like you're having/have had a lovely time in the woods. How exciting!

Looking forward to the new contest.

Jim said...

Looking forward to it, Jason! Should be a whole lotta fun.

Scott said...

You nailed the feeling of a winter fire. How many times I have snugged up to a fire on a cold night I cannot count. The relief is intense. Hunting for more wood is extra cold when you have to leave it.

Jaye Wells said...

You're making me crave winter. With temps reaching 100 and no rain, my body has started yearning for the chill of November. I want to wear cordurouy pants and bulky sweaters and shiver despite my layers. I want to hear the crunch of brown leaves under my feet and inhale their smoky scent.

Can you FedEx some of that weather my way, Jason? I'll even take the porcupine!

Flood said...

When I first started surfing around blogland, I found Alcoholic Poet and loved it but I didn't bookmark it and have been searching for it ever since. Thanks so much for mentioning her!

Looking forward to the contest. How long will this one run?

Anonymous said...

Bhaswati, yes, it was one of the best trips this summer. The kids were good too. ;) Hope to see you next week.

Jim, I'm pumped!

Scott, you're so right about getting more firewood. :D The weather really kept the bugs down too, which is a great plus.

Jaye, I love the scene you just painted. We don't have to wait long! Keep on the lookout for a FedEx package with quills sticking out. :)

Flood, the way I found her is a bit weird. Through Technorati, I found a new link to me, then saw her linked there also. I'm glad I stopped by. ** The contest will run for a week. Tell Mr. and LP to get their pencils ready. :)

JLB said...

Howdy Jason! Just wanted to pop in and see what you were up to. I hope to have time to read some of your work from the last couple weeks in coming days. I'll be sure to wake up Brainripples in order to give your contest a plug!

By the by, the moon was actually full in Aquarius last Wednesday, August 8, around 7am EDT. She's waning fast now (we’re in the third quarter as of tomorrow), and will be new in Virgo next Wednesday, August 23, just after 3pm EDT. It really has been beautiful lately - you must have a stellar view (no pun intended)!!

By the by, that porcupine shot is the greatest! Thanks for a great morning laugh. :) Have a wonderful week.


JLB said...

(oops, actually, we're already in the third quarter... I knew that... we move into the fourth quarter Weds.) I'm sure that's more than you needed or wanted to know. :)

Robert Ball said...

The campfire scene took me back (way back) to my Boy Scout campting nights smoke filled clothes and all!

In the picture I noticed the felled tree in the back ground. I wonder if it made a noise when it hit the ground?

I think that "cold spell" passed by Lower Michigan on its way to PA.

The Tart said...

LOL .. the perp has a very cute bod!

You have the best bloggyroll ever ... I come here to get my reading fix ... thx for adding me. ; )

Smooch to you & your words,
The Tart

normiekins said...

love....the groaning trees....!

i have autumnal fever.

Anonymous said...

Jade, those porcupines are cute! I'm going to sour on them quickly, though, if they ever decide to start chewing on more important things. I put salt blocks on stumps, and that usually keeps them busy. ** Thanks for the info on the moon! I can't believe I missed the full moon. Where was I?

Robert, campfires are amazing, aren't they? I wrote a story for submission back in June called "Embers" which is about 5 teenagers sitting around a fire.

The Tart, very glad to have you on my blogroll! :) And even more glad to have you a visitor.

Normiekins, an unsettled forest is such a strong presence. The noise hits you from every direction. We don't have long to wait for more!

Eileen said...

Oh I just love that picture! He's coming in for the kill- but he had the wisdom to hide his identity. Sneaky little bugger.

Writing Blind said...

Love the picture and definitely looking forward to the next contest.


Joni said...

Jason - Weird that at the exact time you posted this I was sitting around a campfire, smoky-eyed and smore-breathed.

Speaking of breath, mine is baited. Can't wait for the contest.

Hey, can I be shameless here and ask people to go to fictional musings and read my flash? I'm getting no comments and it makes me want to hyperventilate. The hunger for feedback outweighs my embarrassment of outright asking people to read it.

Bernita said...

That's so cute, Jason - nature's revenge.

Jeff said...

Cold night, dark woods, campfire, and spooky tales. Isn't doesn't get much better than that. hehe

Jason, get a DNA sample off of the cable lock and I think you can nail that ole "porkypine." :)

p.s. Joni, I read your piece at FM a while back and left a comment. Good job. :)

Anonymous said...

Eileen, yeah, those porcupines are like that. Brazen fellows. It must be something about the quills.

Rebecca, I have a front row seat reserved for you in the contest. :)

Joni, now there's a coincidence! I hope you enjoyed your trip as much as I did mine. ** I stopped over and read your story. That was a cool surprise! Here's a link for the rest of you folks: Lakeside.

Bernita, my 6 year old and I saw a mother and baby porcupine munching up in a tree. It was a nice moment. :)

Jeff, getting that second sample to find a match will be delicate! I'll have to get me some kevlar gloves. :D

September said...

Ahhh...the smell of Autumn - my favorite season. Of course, I won't see it till November. But your description makes me long for it even more.

anne frasier said...

lunar faux pas. haha!

can't wait for the contest!!

Anonymous said...

September, I agree. Autumn is magic. It is always welcome when it arrives.

Anne, I'm starting to get jittery. I have to lay off the caffeine. :D

littlepuddle said...

I can't wait for the contest, Json! I love the picture. I can't wait for autumn either. It has the most beautiful colours and school starts, woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Little Puddle!! How are you? Great to see you again. :) I can't agree more about autumn. Heading out to capture it in pictures is always a special time.

You're going to have fun with this contest. The picture is very cool. Folks should have no problem being inspired. See you then!