Saturday, August 05, 2006

News and Coming Attractions

  • Are you feeling speculative? Want to push the boundaries of genre? Jim Stitzel has created a wonderful place for you to explore at Flashes of Speculation. I encourage you to submit a piece or two even if it is not your normal inclination to leap off the map.

    (Speculative fiction is a group of fiction genres that speculate about worlds that are unlike the real world in various important ways" (Source: Wikipedia). As such submissions should fall in one or more of the following genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror fiction, supernatural fiction, alternate history, or magic realism.)

  • August 22, 2006. Check out my next (and extra special) short fiction contest! We will be joined by USA Today bestselling author Anne Frasier to celebrate her upcoming release, Pale Immortal. Share the writing experience with your fellow writers, chat with Anne, and prizes, prizes, prizes!

  • Some of my early posts were introspective pieces exploring something which left a lasting impression on me. Some examples are: Break on Through to the Other Side, Forest Circles, and Down into Endless Night. I will be returning to this kind of post in the coming weeks.

    Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Jason--Re; Flashes Of Speculation. Think I'll give it a shot; I've made an ass of myself for lesser things.
The Field: I'm not going shark riding, javelin catching or cordless bungee jumping until I read the final installment.

Flood said...

I'm looking forward to the entries that give more insight into you. And of course, I am so excited about the contest. Having Anne on board is very exciting.

Jaye Wells said...

Yay! I forgot about the upcoming contest. No hints?

briliantdonkey said...

I am beginning to suspect you are one of those people that came up with the whole 'to be continued" torture errrrrr concepts!

Just kidding, looking forward to all that you mentioned and then some.


Scott said...

I like your reflections. I got lost in the forest once myself, a couple times actually. You have to experience that hopeless feeling to understand how awful it really is. Probably within a stones throw of salvation, and yet cold and hungry and alone. The mine shaft business is fascinating. Interesting to be so near death and yet alive today to blog about it. We would have made great running mates as kids.

I'm glad you are going into this mode for a while. All three of these shook off some cobwebs of my own past.

Bev said...

I read those 3 older posts and found them fasinating....and a little frightening.....I know I dream strange things as I frequently wake up with a start and my heart is pounding, but I never remember what it was....maybe that's a good thing! These do set me to thinking about my early childhood tho', from the times I remember only in pictures not in words

I'm looking forward to the contest!

Thanks for all the inspiration

Anonymous said...

John, that's most creative compliment I've ever received. Thanks!

Flood, Anne is a great, down to Earth person, and I like the way she thinks. The contest is going to be a blast! ** Writing those posts is an interesting experience for me. I relive those times in a way I would never do by just remembering them.

Jaye, I thought about giving you the name of the contest, but then I decided to keep you in the dark. Sorry, I'm just mean that way. ;)

Rob, yeah, I'm kind of guilty of using cliffhangers. hehe. Problem is, it works. ;)

Scott, that anxiety of being lost in the forest does stick with you, doesn't it. I cringe at my own memories of the mineshaft. Dang, that was crazy. The scarier thing is that if the situation repeated itself, I might actually do it again.

Bev, thanks for checking out the old posts. Back then, I wasn't posting pure fiction. I like doing the short stories now, but I also miss some of those reflections. Doing more will be fun. :)

Jeff said...

Flashes of Speculation does look interesting.
I'm looking forward to reading the submissions for the upcoming contest. The quality of writing in the previous contests has been quite impressive.
Anne is a nice person as well as a very talented and experienced writer. It's great she's helping with the contest. :)

I enjoyed your introspective posts, Jason.
Your Forest Circles reminded me of the time my brother and I got lost in a dense swampy woods at night in south Georgia. They can go on for miles. He was 16 and I was 14. We walked for hours until we eventually came to an old dirt road we recognized. What a shock it was to discover we had walked more than 5 miles in the wrong direction!

Shesawriter said...

I'm looking forward to reading more great entries, Jason. Your contests are always wonderful.

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Jeff, that sounds terrifying! Tough terrain and in the dark. I don't envy you that one. ** And I agree, Anne is going to be a lot of fun.

Tanya, thanks for the hugs! :D