Sunday, September 03, 2006


Her face understanding
Warmth in the darkness
Twined in her fingers
His slumbering dreams.

[St. Paul the Apostle Cemetery, Hancock, Delaware County, New York.]


anna said...

Ohhh isn't she lovely!
the poem too

mermaid said...

It is where two souls meet, touch, and hold hands.

I felt like one soul was already gone, while she still held his remnants of dust in her hands.

klgilbert said...

The photo and poem offer such peace. It gives one the hope of being nurtured into eternity.

Both poem and photograph are sublime in their essence.

Anonymous said...

Anna, isn't she amazing? In the picture, and even standing there with her, I kept expecting her to look up. The sculptor captured so much life and emotion.

Mermaid, beautiful words. I can see that connection in her face.

KLG, it gives one the hope of being nurtured into eternity. He does seem to be a presence for her, if only in her heart.

anna said...

I've heard of angels
heard their voices
wind chimes
a filigree of crystal notes
a Peruvian flute
that travels a trade wind
a magic carpet of sound

yes I've heard of angels
and their wings of sorrow
raven birds tethered
to a burned out star
a blackened star tucked
under a feathered wing a stone
angel who weeps at your head
I heard her whisper
Are you happy?

Anonymous said...

Anna, that's beautiful!! Did you compose it? It definitely sounds like your style.

I heard her whisper
Are you happy

Wow. That line really grabbed me. The whole piece hinges on it.

And now she waits for an answer.

RomanceWriter said...

Lovely poem. The word choices allowed you to say much in few words.