Sunday, September 10, 2006

Post-Contest Update

Because of a rough week at work last week, I'm a little behind on post-contest matters. However, I'm happy to say that I've completed my comments on what I liked best about each of the 100 entries. As a reminder, constructive comments are by private email upon request. Those will be sent by me this week. Anne has already provided her constructive comments, I believe.

Also, winners should have received their Amazon gift certificates. Signed copies of Pale Immortal and the contest photograph will be mailed this week.

Thanks again, everyone!


anne said...

You're just not seeing the end of this, are you... ;)

fringes said...

Thanks again for all of your hard work. Thanks for the "intriguing" comment!

Marcail said...

Beyond the call of duty. Thanks again.

anne frasier said...

yep, mailed the books monday. :)

Anonymous said...

Anne, I'm getting there. :)

Fringes, you're always welcome here.

Marcail, my pleasure. :)

Anne, how are you holding up?? Thanks for getting the books out. I plan to get the last two pictures out tomorrow. Mspecial pen for writing on photos ran out. :(

StoryMask said...

Thanks again Jason, for all the hard work you put into this endeavor. And BIG THANKS for introducing me to the world of flash fiction. I'm having a great time writing many more pieces.

~ Ben Marroquin :)