Friday, October 27, 2006


Decaying fruit betrayed by the sun
Infects the skeleton bloom of trees.
Winds from the forest promise peace
Salvation flies on the whirling leaves.

Release the hopes abandoned by light
Embrace the darkening Autumn seas.
Evil unleashed to thunder free
Rekindles withered, forgotten needs.

(This poem is my entry in Minx' contest in honor of Samhain. Check out the other entries at The Inner Minx!)

(Oh, and while I have you here, can I get your opinion on something? I've been thinking about doing a podcast series called "Under the Stars With Jason Evans" where I invite a fellow blogger to sit for a few minutes on a quiet night to talk. They would not be traditional interviews. More like a return to those late night conversations we've probably all had in our youth. The question is, would you be interested in hearing a podcast series like that? Would anyone be interested in participating?)

(UPDATE: Sounds like folks are interested in the podcast idea. (BTW, they would be audio files posted here). Thanks to Jaye, Scott, and (possibly) Terri for expressing interest in participating!! For now, I plan to do them via telephone. Anyone else interested in doing it?)


Kelly Parra said...

Very nice, Jason! And wow, on the podcasts sounds really interesting!!

Jaye Wells said...

The podcast idea sounds fun. You know I'm always game. qo

anne said...

Sounds fun, let's hear it!

Angela Ferreira said...

Hello Jason Evans. I love that poem... great idea de podcast!

Susan Abraham said...

I've already placed a comment on Minx's blog regarding this tender poem which I enjoyed very much.
It still stays beautiful & inspirational to me.
And yes, I'd like to listen to the podcast series very much.


Scott said...

Yeah, that would be very interesting indeed, to listen to and participate in!

Terri said...

The poem - and the photo - are beautiful. The words seem to somehow swirl around before settling comfortably in my head.
I like.

Now, on the previous li'l story... Yikes! I'm now sitting at my desk at work looking over my shoulder just in case something's there..!

So do those who participate in the podcast get to do this over a quiet bottle of red wine in front of a log fire on a cold winter's night?

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Nicely done. As always. Is that a rubai? I can never tell.

Interesting idea for the podcast. If your surroundings are anything as beautiful as your photos I think you'll have people flying out your way just to hang out.

Saaleha said...

I know nothing about podcasts. But the poem is beautiful Read it on Minxies blog as well. Wonderful imagery.

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem. I'm not up to speed on poscasts. I've heard about them, but not sure what they are or how they work, but it sounds interesting.

anne frasier said...

love the idea of podcasts, jason.

however i would only participate if you have software that will remove my hillbilly accent. oh, and bad grammar. and the word like. like, ah, you know, like...take it out. but i'm totally there for the listening.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, thanks! :)

Jaye, my first brave soul! I think it'll be fun. :D

Anne, sounds like I have some work to do!

Angela, thanks! =)

Susan, thanks again for your warm comments. They're always very much appreciated. :)

Scott, I'd love to have you over!

Terri, glad you liked the poem and the story. Thanks! As for the podcast, a fire and a glass of wine would be perfect. A tentative "yes" perhaps?

Stephen, I always compose meters on the fly. Adhering to them is the problem! As for the rhyme scheme, it's slightly different than a rubai, but nice catch! That would be AABA. This is ABBB.

Saaleha, a podcast is just an audio file. I will capture the dialog using a telephone tap, then edit the conversation and possibly add some background sound (like crickets!).

Steve, see my response to Saaleha re podcasts. I'll be shooting for a 5-6 minute file, I think.

Anne, although I'd love to host you, I know you don't find this sort of thing pleasant. :) It's okay. I will just be glad to have you as a listener.

beadinggalinMS said...

Beautiful poem and picture. Podcast idea neato!

anne frasier said...

i think the podcast would be a nice kick in the butt, and i mean that in a good way. :)

Jeff said...

Nice poem, Jason.
I like the podcasting idea.

Ester said...

what a great idea! I recently listened to another blogger reading some of her poetry and realized how much different her intent was compared to my own take on reading it. I'd love to listen. Also, I'm really intrigued by a lot of the writing you do here on this blog. Your posts are really inspiring to me, they give me lots of ideas for paintings! Just wanted to tell you that I like the imaginative way you write, a LOT!

Anonymous said...

Beady, thanks, my friend. :)

Anne, are you possibly reconsidering? Maybe you can see how the first couple go, then decide. :)

Jeff, I think it'll be fun to explore another dimension. Something more than the written word.

Ester, I'm very humbled by your words. You are an amazing artist. I hope to see you back. I will definitely be visiting your blog often.

Marie said...

I've already left a comment on Minx's blog. It's a lovely poem and I love the imagery. Some great lines esp line 2 and 6.

Anonymous said...

Nice poem. I like the imagery.
Podcast ~ I have heard about them, sounds interesting....... but have yet to buy or learn about them. Still trying to find a voice in printed word, and that is a challenge

anne frasier said...

jason, yes i am reconsidering! i've gotten a bit braver since leaving my house in september for the trek to bouchercon.

Anonymous said...

Anne reminds me of a rule: If you don't say "yes," people will stop asking. It's a particularly important rule for shy people like myself. You can't wait for the day when you'll be less shy, because they'll have stopped asking. You say yes now to ensure you're not left off the list later.

That said, what the hell is podcasting? (I've heard of it, but you already know I'm playing tech catch-up.)

Sounds cool, if I can make the time. I read faster than people talk, you see.


Whether you come in first or second in the contest, this poem is definitly a winner. It has a strange tranquility to it.

Anonymous said...

Marie, thanks for the comment on Minx's blog! :) And here too.

Jimmyjames, don't worry, it'll be free. :) Podcast is just a fancy term for recording an audio file and posting it some way or another.

Anne, very cool! No pressure, because we'll edit the final product.

Bekbek, that's a great point about saying "yes." I tend to be shy by nature too, but not one-on-one or in small groups. However, being a lawyer doesn't give me the privilege of actually acting shy.

Eating Poetry, thanks so much! I chose a twisted meter first and spent hours trying to fill it. Finally, I rewrote it more flowing, then it came together. That's probaby where the sense of tranquility comes from. It's a soft, comfortable meter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason! It's my first time here. I love the riveting way you string your words together. You're highly talented indeed. Keep at it! And the best of luck with your contest entry. c",)

Wilf said...

Good luck with the lovely poem, Jason. The podcast sounds very interesting. I had my son record an audioblog as Wilf but it was a right old faff and involved calling the US as I couldn't skype it. I would be interested but I expect you'll want to stick to the States?
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Irene, thank you so much! And welcome to The Clarity of Night. :) Let me get you a pillow for the chair. There. Much better.

Addy, if the time zones work out, I'd be okay with calling overseas. Right now, I'm trying to get the telephone recording down. Computer to computer calling is a great idea, but I'm afraid lots of folks wouldn't be too excited about setting it up. ;)

K. lawson gilbert said...

A child alone
atop a pillar of stone
for eternity says this prayer.

God let me sleep
in peace so deep
under an angel's care.

And an angel was sent
like a rainbow bent
to protect the child so fair.

Jason, how perfect an image you have captured! Oh, what an eye you have. Of all the photographs that you have posted, and I have admired so much...this one is my favorite.


RomanceWriter said...

This is a really powerful line

Evil unleashed to thunder free

It sends chills up my spine.