Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Long Shadows

The motion rolled under them like towers of water in a landless sea. It was huge and limitless. An Earth rhythm. It tore away from the tides of the moon.

A furnace of kisses merged and melted, and molten rivers surged. The dying wisps of their separateness clung above the rising fire.

Their desperation clawed, bending the two orbits, until finally, a celestial collision consumed them. The screaming heavens twisted their bodies out of existence, and gravity released them into the brilliance of creation.

And for a few moments, there they floated. In the stillness, their breaths walked together in the dark.

Then, one of them slowed. It didn't matter which. The strides became different and distinct. He felt her breasts swelling against his chest, and the weight of him threaten to cage her.

They slid apart, still touching, still trying to hold the connection, but a curtain of cold winter air reminded them they were small.

He perched over her on one elbow and smiled. She smiled in return, but it was small and fleeting.

As her salvation bled away, all she could think about was how one day he would fall beyond her reach and she would pin contentment around her body like a shroud. One day the sun would set, and from that moment onward, only the weight of his shadow would lie over her.

(Picture: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Susan Abraham said...

I loved this read, Jason.
The way you combined images and emotions to twin them into a natural surreal effect on the reader.
Plus, the clever romanticism that so rightfully, hogged the plot.

Saaleha said...

quite honestly, I'm speechless. Stunning, stunning read!

anne said...


Bernita said...

"onlt the weight of his shadow..."

RuKsaK said...

that was stunning and immense. I feel like I just swallowed a tasty cloud and need to lie down.

Immediate linking from me for this - I will be back for more

Anonymous said...

Stunning words and picture.

kate said...

you had me enthralled.

anna said...

I can't pick one bit of writing I like best - It was all best!
good good stuff!

jenn said...

Wow. This piece is incredibly beautiful, and yet achingly sad. All in a few short lines! More, please.

JLB said...

What a delicious bit of prose Jason!

beadinggalinMS said...

Jason Long Shadows has moved me to tears. It is so beautiful and touching. I really really like this one.

I am working on my blog problem. Well trying to. LOL :)

Anonymous said...

That was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Susan, thanks, my friend. :) I enjoyed writing this piece.

Saaleha, such a compliment. Thank you!

Anne, :)

Bernita, I know it was a stretch to link that picture and this vignette, but I like the way it turned out.

Ruksak, thanks so much for the visit and kind words! Yes, I was trying to juxtapose the immensity of the intimate experience with a feeling of isolation and loss afterward.

Marie, thanks. :) So many wonderful photo opportunities in that cemetery.

Kate, a high compliment. Much appreciated!

Anna, thanks so much!

Jenn, incredibly beautiful, and yet achingly sad... A perfect description of the moment I tried to capture. Thank you for the kind words. :)


Beady, I'm very humbled. Thank you for letting me know.

Steve, it was nice to switch gears a little.

Wilf said...

Lovely and sad, I think.

Kelly Parra said...

Very nice, Jason! Beautiful words. =D

Shesawriter said...

"she would pin contentment around her body like a shroud"

Ahhhhhh.... I love it! I get warm fuzzies just reading it.

Anonymous said...

Addy, perhaps some of the best moments in life lead to the worst, because we can't hold onto them.

Thanks Kel!

Tanya, that line was one of my favorites, I think. I was reaching for something to tie back to the picture.