Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Entry #51

Nine on Nine
by Mayari

I live alone. I don't have a boyfriend or a family. The only company I had at home was this strange black cat who was already a resident of the apartment when I moved in. He had grey eyes and a weird mark on his right front paw. It was shaped like a moon. He would sleep by the window every night and he would watch me as I lay on the bed. I'd stare into his hypnotic grey eyes and I¢d fall asleep immediately.

But one day, he just suddenly vanished.

That was 9 months ago. Nine months of sleepless nights. I had gotten so used to those grey eyes that the night felt so empty without it.

It was after 5. And I walked home from work. I walked slowly to yet another sleepless night awaiting me.

I got to the corner of apartment 9 , my building. There was the familiar empty alley adjacent to it. But today, that alley wasn't empty. I come closer. Beside the smoky grey wall stood a familiar man. His hair was black as night. And as he lifted his right hand to comb his hair with his fingers, I saw a mark shaped like the moon.

I stood in front of him and he looked at me. I saw the most amazing grey eyes. They were so mesmerizing, that it was only a matter of seconds before I fainted into his arms and fell sound asleep.


Anonymous said...

I apologize, Mayari! I've never had this happen before. Somehow I missed yours. It was definitely before the deadline, so I'm adding it now as a valid entry.

Jeff said...

This has a mysterious dreamlike quality about it. Nice job!

caveblogem said...

Glad they were able to include this one. Nice story.

Dafath said...

i liked the story and not because we had a black cat disappear 2 months ago.

i do think it would read better in 3rd person.

Christian said...

Has a nice fairy tale aspect to it.

S. W. Vaughn said...


feminine expressions said...

i enjoy this...thank you for giving it to us.

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Mysterious and slightly dreamlike.

Fran Piper said...


Anonymous said...

thanks, jason. no need for apologies. :)

and thanks for the sweet comments, everyone. i'm glad to be a part this contest. it's a great learning experience.

dafath, yes, i agree. i was rereading it one time and thought the same thing. thanks for the suggestion. :)

Anonymous said...

You developed the voice of character well. A nice sense of being lost came through.

Good marks overall.