Friday, February 16, 2007

Moments from Disney

Greetings from Florida! The week has been going well, even though the weather has been a little unsettled. Wednesday was close to 80, and today we were lucky to hit 60. The parks have been more crowded than we expected, but manageable. I thought I might share a few moments.

1. You Want us to be What?

So, we were approaching the test drive ride in Epcot with the usual heated debate: should we stand in line or get a Fast Pass and come back later? The negotiation spilled over to whether my younger daughter was going to get on at all. (Her--Is it fast? It sounds fast! Me--Not too fast. Kind of on the slow end of fast. Her later--You lied to me. Me later--Technically I didn't. Although, maybe I did on the no curves part.) When we finally approached the gate all decided, a Disney employee asked if we would like to be the family of the hour. Immediately, my lawyer brain kicks in. What's involved? Obligations? Photos with advertising rights? Will we have to sign waivers?

I'm in vapor lock when my mother pipes up, "what do we get?" The dude says, "cut the line and get two rides instead of one." Sold. Man, maybe I do need a vacation.

2. Close Encounters of the WTF Kind.

They travel in packs. They look alike. They speak a strange kind of language.

And when they get riled, they...well, I can't even describe it.

Yes, you know what I'm talking about. Cheerleaders. Some kind of national competition nearby. Enough said.

3. Dinner in Cindarella's Castle.

Nice to do once. I wouldn't go again, though.

4. Look at that Guilty Face.

I just found this scene silly. Is he selling fish traps, perhaps?

5. Buses Here, Buses There, Buses Everywhere.

(And an occassional boat.)

6. Hey Kids, You Want to Meet Ariel, Right? Right??

As promised, here's Ariel. I'm not stalking. Really.

7. Nice Time for a Nap in Animal Kingdom.

8. Who Can Resist Snow White?

And lastly, I just couldn't resist sneaking into a picture with Snow White.

See you all this weekend!

UPDATE: Yes, Anne, I did ride Tower of Terror today!! Very cool, even though I hate dropping rides. They did a great job with the hotel/twilight zone decor. Good thing I warmed up by riding the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster. Kodak moment: me turning to my wife deep in line when I overheard something she said. "You mean this thing goes upside down?" Whoops. That thing takes off so fast, my small intestine was trailing the car.


Terri said...

Sounds fantastic! And... I just realised that you completely nuke the preconception that all lawyers are bastards. Well done.
I'll let you get back to your mermaid fantasies now ;)

Joni said...

Looks awesome!

And I woud HAPPILY take sixty degrees. Our high yesterday was 3.

The test drive ride was the only one I got to do at Epcot before I got really sick and had to go back to our hotel.

That was the only ride I got to do our entire time in Florida.

Glad you're having a better time!

Jaye said...

Where's the pic of you in mouse ears?

Anonymous said...

oh ariel is beautiful. have fun stalking. lol.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Looks like you're having a great time, Jason. See you when you get back. ;)

Anonymous said...

Terri, that's quite a compliment! Thanks. :)

Oh, Joni, that sounds terrible. We all have been sick to a certain extent this trip, but nothing that kept us in the room. Well, except for me one morning. Some kind of wacky, quick stomach bug going around. I was good to go by the afternoon, though. Sorry that happened to you. :(

Jaye, I have my limits. ;)

Kate, ha! She was a bit over the top in personality. Snow White and Aurora did a great job, though.

Joanne, thanks, it's been a lot of fun. See you soon.

anne frasier said...


tower of terror!


thanks for indulging me, jason!!

they did a great job with the mood and set design of that ride. that's what i loved about it.

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek al kitab said...

As salaam alaikum.

Nice blog.

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Wa salaama,


briliantdonkey said...

Good to hear you are having a good time while down in my neck o the woods. See you when you get back. Hope you remembered to pack your winter shorts.


Anne said...

Cheerleaders? That sounds a lot scarier than the Tower of Terror... ;)

kflgilbert said... are so lucky to be out of the area. Parts of I-80, I-81 and lots of other main thoroughfares are still closed as of Saturday afternoon. Be glad you missed Blizzard Week.

Glad you and the family are having fun. I loved your picture with Snow White...I don't know though, somehow I remember your ears being smaller.... KLG :)

Anonymous said...

Anne, I'm surprised I took it as well as I did. The way they throw you up, and you know darn well there won't be a floor under you when you run out of gas...yikes!

BD, definitely nice down there. We came be to the remnants of an ice storm. Oh, and a snow plow detonated my mailbox.

Anne, oh yes. There was pack behavior, chanting...totally horrifying.

Kaye, I saw that on the news while we were down there. Awful! I can't believe people were stuck for an entire day.

Anonymous said...

Nuh, see that, I jump over to your blog, then somehow forget to respond here. Yes, you have some great content there. I'll stay tuned.

Wilf said...

Sounds like really good fun, Jason. My children would love to go to Florida but Disneyland, Paris isn't bad and there is the added attraction of a big town nearby.

Chemical Billy said...'re a braver man than I, Jason. It all sounds terrifying - the mob of cheerleaders just the, uh, cherry on top, so to speak.

Shameless said...

I'm jealous! I have to work! I want to go away!

Anonymous said...

Wilf, yeah, Florida would be adding serious hours onto that plane ride. We had an "incident" on ours on the way home. Some dude was acting up. It got a little crazy, I have to say, but they didn't divert us or arrest him or anything.

CB, I just read that the Aerosmith roller coaster does 5 - 6g's, supposely more than a shuttle launch. Yeah, it was intense.

Shameless, maybe you can sneak out. ;)

Susan Abraham said...

Lovely pics and how fantastic to have taken a holiday.
I wonder if its refreshed you as a writer.
Wondered how you found the Roller Coaster ride? ;-)

angel said...

mwaaaaaahahahahahaha! a side of disney world i think very few people notice! this was hysterical!