Friday, February 23, 2007


In sleepy candlelight steps hides wakes
the notes
A motion sensuous flies shapes
the night
smiling warm rain

Enchanted eyes release wish thirst reach
the flames
Breaths pounding yearn to steal kiss kill
the sky
tinkling mirror tears

(Unlike the nobility of many baroque and classical pieces, there is something deeply human in a Chopin Nocturne. I've read that Chopin was a kind of rock star in his day. The women would swoon when he played. I wrote this poem listening to his Nocturne in F Sharp Major (Op. 15 No. 2). Perhaps someday I'll play you one I've been working on, the Nocturne in B Major (Op. 32 No. 1.) For now, I'll post a YouTube version of the F Sharp Major piece if you'd like to hear it.)


angel said...

oh wow- this is one of my all time favourite pieces! holst's planets collection is also right up there on my favourites list! and tchaikovsky's romeo & juliet.

Susan Abraham said...

Lovely music.
You're a clever poet Jason.
I so enjoyed the poetry most of all.

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

Wow! or as Muslims say mash'Allah. Beautiful stuff.

nuh ibn

beadinggalinMS said...

I got it figured out, your comments were all showing up as spam. :)

Lovely poem!!

klgilbert said...

I am glad that you have decided to revisit Bryn now and then. Sometimes I write about a place, a feeling...somewhere I have never been, but miss just the same. A place of heavy damask and perfumed oils - of cool darkness and classical music.

"Winter Wind," "Requiem," and "Nocturne" allow me to visit that place. Love the imagery.


Anonymous said...

Angel, so cool! I like making that sort of connection.

Susan, I was trying to mimic the meter and feel of the music. Thank you for being so open to my experiments! :)

Nuh Ibn, most appreciated. What would be the appropriate words for thank you?

Beady, I'm a spammer, huh? Geez, Wordpress totally dissed me. I wonder why all the hate?

Kaye, somehow I'm not surprised that these places resonate with you too. I look forward to taking you there again.

Miao said...

You write poetry and you play the piano... If only you are single, in only...

Miao said...

if* only

Beloved Dreamer said...

Jason, this is a lovely poem and with the music it just fills the heart.

Thanks for your comment on my attempt at prose. I do not no how to set my blog for formatting. I will have to go to Blogger help and ask.


Anne said...

What a lovely moment I just had... Thank you! :)

Pecos Blue said...

Great post. Very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Miao, that's sweet of you to say. :)

BD, thank you! I hope you get your blog sorted out. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Anne, thanks for sharing it with me. :)

Pecos Blue, welcome! Great to see you here. (Is that a chicken in your hands?)

anna said...

Ah the poetry! Jason you always touch my heart. And Chopin a rock star? Of all the classical composers Chopin is my favourite -
I think.