Friday, March 09, 2007


Before it was a Cross, it was merely a cross.

I stand contemplating the shape. Like a stamp over the human form. Arms. Head and neck. The long sweep down to toes. The high intersection falls like bonds over the heart.

Does it pin them down? A prison of elegant geometry?

Perhaps not.

Perhaps those three points flow from the mind, from the deeds of each hand, inward toward the heart. There, the magic combines, and it flies down and down to make its mark in the watchful world.

I feel someone showing me.

I turn to catch a glimpse of the way they went.


billie said...

I especially love the second cross - I've never seen one like that.

anne said...

Yep, I agree with Billie. It looks like a sword, more than a cross.

Jaye Wells said...

The second one is unusual, but I prefer the first. It's purty. As usual, your words were wonderful. I especially liked the "prison of elegant geometry" line.

Verilion said...

Love the photos and the imagery of deeds done flowing to the heart. Great writing... as always!

kcterrilynn said...

Gorgeous words to go with the beautiful photos.

Have a great weekend!

Susan Abraham said...

An interesting read. :-)

Jude said...

Interseting indeed. Just blogged about agents but included fingers crossed and its orgin- might interest you, Jason given this post.

mermaid said...

Jason, whether you are repeating a symbolism of the cross that you have read, or if this is your own interpretation, it doesn't matter.

I feel so much love just reading this post, and will look at a cross with more love and respect for the human form from this day forward.

Thank you for understanding my last post.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Jason, I just love your graveyard pictures. You are a man after my own heart. The peace I feel when I go walking is wonderful. Your photos are great.

And thanks for reading my new poem I am glad you liked it.


Anonymous said...

Billie, isn't that striking? Just a headstone and a footstone to support it. It's the first example I've seen.

Anne, you're right. Where's William Wallace??

Jaye, thanks. :) The first cross does have a fascinating artistry.

Verilion, thanks for the kind words. The cross is such a simple, but striking shape.

KC, hope you're having a great weekend too. I imagine a hangover will be involved at some point. ;)

Susan, thanks. =)

Jude, loved your post! Funny how I sensed some of the same things hidden in the shape.

Mermaid, you're very welcome, my friend. :) This was my own interpretation.

BD, I've reduced the number of cemetery posts I do, but I think I'll be doing a bit more. They draw me. Glad to hear you share the fascination.

Anonymous said...

Jason, very nice.

Atyllah said...

An intriguing post and image, Jason. Makes one wonder. Beautifully captured.

KG said...

Fascination discovery and musings.

I particularly like the photos accompanying your observations. It was such an interesting surprise to see the second cross after seeing the first one.

Anonymous said...

Steve, thanks. =)

Atyllah, sometimes my problem is too many pictures to share. :) Glad to know you enjoyed these.

KG, I got out on a photography trip this Saturday. I really am looking forward to more posts paring photography and writing. During the winter, I just don't have the same opportunities. I'm ready to get out in the fresh air again.