Monday, April 09, 2007

Look What I Can (Not Really) Do!

A week or two ago, Jaye Wells (yes, the recent Thinking Blogger Award winner) wrote a post asking about what skill we wished we had. I answered painting.

Then, I remembered that once in my life, I painted something I thought was pretty good. Kind of my big moment, I guess. After that, I was all painted out.

So, Jaye promptly challenged me to post a picture of this (in)famous work of art. Since I never shrink from a challenge, here we go!

One Easter, my wife and I got the bright idea to paint Easter eggs with real pictures. We pulled out a couple of artsy magazines for ideas, then blew out a few eggshells for our canvas. Hours later, a few of them turned out nice, a few not so nice, but one really came together. I did one side and my wife did the other.

This is my side. A nice spring forest over a slow stream. I kept my fingers in the picture for scale.

This is my wife's side. Butterflies visiting the Delphinium.

We used acrylic paint, then coated the whole thing with clear polyurethane. As you can see by the date here, the colors have held up well for 14 years! It's pretty tough too because of the polyurethane. I wouldn't want to wing it against concrete, but it might survive a little drop.

Our masterpiece resides at my in-laws' house. Today, at Easter dinner, it was my big chance to get pictures.


Also an FYI:
If you're interested, I've added a permanent picture of me and a few words under the "Finding Your Way in the Night" link on the sidebar.


Jaye Wells said...

Yes! I finally get to see this masterpiece. That's one pimped out egg.

Seriously though, I'm of a mind that one masterpiece a lifetime is more than most people create. Even if it's a fluke, it's still lovely. Thanks for sharing it. Maybe one day I'll post some of my fluke art.

Michele said...

Oh, So SO pretty!
I've never attempted something so delicate.
Thank you for sharing such a precious memory with us!

Great choice of flowers too. Delphiniums are one of my favorites.

You asked, "how am I?"
I'm well. HUGS for asking.
Love the new job. They still like me too. ;-)
Not blogging like I used to.
Not writing either. *sigh*
But I'm livin' and that's good.
Have a wonderful Monday!

Anonymous said...

wow. those are beautiful. and even more so because of how tiny they are and yet you managed to make them so detailed. lovely. a very talented family, indeed.

kcterrilynn said...

I'm impressed. I know enough about myself to know that I don't have near the patience to do something that tiny, that delicate or that detailed.

JLB said...

Lovely paintings! I'm sorry I missed that discussion at Jaye's, but I'm glad you decided to share. :)


briliantdonkey said...


As someone incapable of painting even stick figures, I must say I am quite impressed. Hope you had a great easter and have been doing well.


Joni said...

You never cease to amaze, Jason.

And your wife should not be left out of the kudos. Gorgeous.

Looking forward to contest. :)

billie said...

What a gorgeous egg and a lovely idea for Easter!

It reminds me that a dear friend who lives in a tiny house got very interested in "tiny" paintings - I think called miniatures - and she was hotly pursuing some on Ebay at one point.

It's hard to imagine creating what seems to be an enormous amount of detail in that tiny space.

The egg needs its own glass case. :)

klgilbert said... and your wife should have created an egg every year. You know, like that other egg artist...what's his name? Oh, yes....Faberge. :)

Kidding aside, the egg is truly a thing of beauty. It is so delicate in its exquisiteness. Talent abounds in your family.

Thanks for sharing so timely a work of art.

Anonymous said...

Jaye, I'd love to see the fluke art! Pimped out egg...ha!

Michele, thanks for the kind words. :) Great to hear that your new job is going well. Of course they would still like you!

Kate, the miniature painting was a lot of fun. Going cross-eyed is a real risk, though. I remember having to just blink and take a break.

KC, so you're more of a mural painter? ;)

Jade, thanks for saying so. :)

BD, great to see you! Yes, I had a good Easter. I hope you did too.

Joni, I always liked the butterfly painting too, especially the butterflies themselves. BTW, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. ;)

Billie, thanks, my friend. :) I could definitely see myself getting into miniature painting. There is something so secret about it. I'm fascinated by what our brains and perception do when viewing the little scenes.

Kaye, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Maybe someday I'll do some more when I'm feeling restless.

The Wandering Author said...

That's incredible! To paint that well, under such difficult conditions, you have to have some latent talent. And yes, your wife's side is beautiful, too.

Anonymous said...

A man of many talents. Nice egg. Your wife's half is lovely.

spyscribbler said...

Wow, that is pretty cool! That had to take a steady hand, to paint such detail on such a small surface.

Thanks for sharing!

mermaid said...

What a happy birthday for me today! I got to see the works of two lovers painted around an egg, around the lives they live and the images they share of perfection.

Susan Abraham said...

They're all lovely, Jason. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wandering Author, in a weird way, I found it easier. Your brain makes more allowances for the suggestion of things. In a bigger form, you have to be more exact.

Steve, I've dabbled in a fair number of things. ;)

Spyscribbler, thanks so much for the visit! I love seeing new faces.

Mermaid, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a wonderful observation. :) You are so gifted.

Susan, thanks, my friend. :)