Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The North Woods

Wake to the birth
In every morning sky
Watch in the twilight
When western fires die
Trees lean long
Where the cold travels slowly
The Earth still dreams
Where the quiet creatures lie


Joni said...

I want this photo and the words up on my wall.


anne said...

Beautiful - words and picture.

Bernita said...

"trees lean long"

billie said...

This is just lovely.

Jay said...

I love when you pair a beautiful image with beautiful words. It really sparks so many thoughts in my mind.

Sonya said...

Man, your commentors always takes the words right out of my mouth...

Beautiful, Jason!

Jeff said...

Nice photo and words to match. Good job, Jason.

Jaye Wells said...

Now this is nice. Not that I don't like stories about kids selling their bodies for heroine, but...This was a nice way to start the day.

Anonymous said...

this poem and picture brings me to a different time and place.

that's magic.

Bev said...

lovely, Jason, lovely!

kcterrilynn said...

"when Western fires die" is perfect.

Great words.

klgilbert said...

I'm with Joni. The photo & poem would make a fabulous "poetry poster" to hang on one's wall!

I appreciate your fine artistry.

mermaid said...

Nature's hair cascades down your words to reach the river (your audience).

Shameless said...

Very calming, Jason. Nice turn of words.

Anonymous said...

Joni, maybe I should send you one. :)

Anne, much appreciated, my friend.

Bernita, this poem was inspired by our mountain land, which faces the northeast. Until you really stand in a place for while, you miss just how much such a thing means. Our mountain is very different from its New York sister which faces southwest.

Billie, :) I know you have these moments locked in you too.

Jay, I'm happy that the beauty of the outside world is returning. I can do many more of these posts now. This winter was less than photogenic here.

Sonya, you did pretty well notwithstanding. ;) Thanks!!

Jeff, nice to see you! Hope you've been well.

Jaye, my pleasure. I thought you guys needed a pick-me-up after I took you to the bad place.

Kate, what's amazing from my point of view is that these places live in me. When you connect with it, that's the magic for me.

Bev, thanks, my friend.

KC, much appreciated. This was one of those just-get-it-out poems. Sometimes they're good, and sometimes...not so much.

Kaye, as always, deeply appreciated.

Mermaid, a wonderful metaphor. Thank you. :)

Shameless, a north facing woods is a calming place. Yet, it feels feels old, and more than a little aware of the long years.

Bhaswati said...

Your poetry reminds me of the best of mystical poets. There's a timeless quality to your word-images.

Thanks for sharing. :)

LiVEwiRe said...

I wish I could transport myself there right now!

The Wandering Author said...

This is a beautiful poem. I wanted to say so when I read it the first time, but Blogger was in a bad mood. ;-)

I like the poster idea.

Inconsequential said...

Cool piece

Anonymous said...

Wandering Author, thanks for the visit and the kind words! Yes, blogger was being very naughty the other day.

Inconsequential, thanks. :)