Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Moving Portraits

Petals twirl onto syrupy green. Warm winds whisk from the distant seas. So much promise rides on the shoulders of spring.

But now I see the shadows in the April sun.

The ground always knew. Below every bloom is a promise withered. Below every leaf, the tangles of a storm.

We choose what direction to stand.

Don't look for me in the shadow portraits. I'll face the sun and move where the wind takes me.

I refuse to stretch away into the dark. Where should I look for you?


Canterbury Soul said...

I love this, especially "Below every bloom is a promise withered".

suzanabrams said...

My favourite lines, Jason, have to be 'shadows in the april sun' & that 'the ground always knew'.
love the soft unrelenting emotions in the poem and as always, the pic.

btw jaon, i'll still be posting & commenting as usual while on the move, although my timing may be erratic. Thanks for stopping by. really appreciated it. :-)

billie said...

I particularly love the colors in the photo, and the line:

We choose what direction to stand.

Scott said...

Look for me at my desk, poking away at the keyboard.

Jaye Wells said...

I loved the "syrupy green" description. Your descriptions are always so fresh.

Look for me away from my desk. I'm avoiding my book right now.

Kaycie said...

"So much promise rides on the shoulders of spring."

Such an evocative line. I love it.

mermaid said...

I think I connect to your writing so well because I can see you, hear you, feel you in between the lines. The greatest writing, in my opinion is one that offers depth and insight beneath the surface of words.

My last 2 posts are the light and dark, the ethereal and the drowning, awareness and ignorance.

Sometimes I am so hard on myself for getting stuck in the latter, but perhaps I need it in order to appreciate its twin.

This is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i have to say that this is my favorite so far. i feel like it's about me. it touched me. great as usual.

btw, i was checking out your blog and saw that pic of you in "meet jason." you are a total hottie. :)

Anonymous said...

Canterbury Soul, much appreciated. :)

Susan, unrelenting emotions...I like that description. That's how I felt writing it. Re my visits, you're very welcome. :)

Billie, these moments in spring are unique. Five minutes later, they're not quite the same.

Scott, gotcha. :)

Jaye, a professor in college once said my writing felt like it came from a meat grinder, it was all the same. He selected a single point where he felt there was a delight, a sparkle. I never forgot that and pushed myself since. I sincerely try to never describe anything the same way twice. Ever.

Kaycie, I suppose it's up to us to climb on.

Mermaid, you truly made my day with your comment. I'm grateful that you can sense what you do. As for your darkness, only by walking into the dark corners can you learn the size and shape of your inspiration.

Kate, I invite you to claim it. And thanks so much for making me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Jason, the phot and the words are really nice and go good together.

Terri said...

In the sun! If there's sun, I'll be in it :-)
Lovely words and a lovely pic.

Lord of Erewhon said...

Fine poem, a wise equilibrium between poetry and narrative.

Anonymous said...

"The ground always knew. Below every bloom is a promise withered. Below every leaf, the tangles of a storm."

This is good.

Vixen said...

Petals twirl onto syrupy have such a way with words. The few things I have written are not even comparable. Which is why I keep them to myself.

I love reading your blog...makes me smile! :)

Happy Thursday!

Jude said...

This is such a lovely poem. Really interesting and thought provoking. Lots of ideas sprang to my mind as I read it.

thethinker said...

Very well written. And the picture is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Steve, thanks. =)

Terri, the suns sounds very nice right about now.

Lord of Erewhon, thank you! I like to weave the two together.

Trevor, much appreciated.

Vixen, don't sell yourself short. :) I'd love to see your writing. I really don't see levels, just everyone working to share a moment that lives inside them.

Jude, thanks, my friend.

The Thinker, great to see you! I've been doing some macro photography lately, but since the light was low, I wasn't able to shrink down my aperture enough to widen the field of focus.

angel said...

very cool! i'd love to se emore flower insights!