Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Tarot

I'll admit it. As a teenager, I learned to read Tarot cards as a ploy to impress girls.

I can still remember that first night in one particular young lady's dorm room. I had my beautifully mysterious cards, black cloth to lay them on, a white gold ring to rest under the first card, and a chip from old tombstone (the later two were my own personal touches). The lights were low, perhaps even candlelight. It was magical.

What happened? We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary!

We've had our mountains to climb, some of them monumental, but in the end, the cards were right. We've conquered the darkest times.

So, what Tarot card am I? Apparently, The Magician:


You are The Magician

Skill, wisdom, adaptation. Craft, cunning, depending on dignity.

Eloquent and charismatic both verbally and in writing,
you are clever, witty, inventive and persuasive.

The Magician is the male power of creation, creation by willpower and desire. In that ancient sense, it is the ability to make things so just by speaking them aloud. Reflecting this is the fact that the Magician is represented by Mercury. He represents the gift of tongues, a smooth talker, a salesman. Also clever with the slight of hand and a medicine man - either a real doctor or someone trying to sell you snake oil.

What Tarot Card are You?
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When my wife sat down to take the quiz, I thought back to my Tarot days and wondered if she would come up as The High Priestess. I didn't mention it, because I didn't want to jinx it. Sure enough:


You are The High Priestess

Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluctuation, particularly when it comes to your moods.

What Tarot Card are You?
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Canterbury Soul said...

d*** it, should i have taken the test? i'm the devil! should i be surprised? or should i even believe in this?

thanks Jason for the link!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Canterbury Soul. The Devil card is about change, not about dunking souls in lakes of fire and brimstone. ;)

Jaye Wells said...

Apparently Canterbury and I are cut from the same cloth. I, too, am the Devil, confirming the suspicions of all my ex-boyfriends.

Fun test.

Kaycie said...

I find it unbelievably cute that you and your wife both took the test. Very romantic.

I am The Tower. Hmmm.

Verilion said...

I am The High Priestess too. She's kind of cute and she has WINGS, cool!

Anonymous said...

You are The Wheel of Fortune
Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of intoxication with success

The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

Linda Rae said...

i met the man (over the net) who created this test.. i find it fairly accurate despite other things. i too am the high priestess and always choose the winged cards. congrats on your anniversary!

Anonymous said...

That's the same one I got, Mr. Evans. The magician, I mean.

About a year ago I knew a girl that was in to Tarot cards. A crafty bunch, them.

billie said...

I got the magician too.

What a wonderful way to begin a 15-year and counting journey - happy, happy anniversary to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Jaye, oh, I see.... Maybe I need to rethink my response to Canterbury Soul. ;)

Kaycie, thanks! :) We're rediscovering a lot of things.

Verilion, the High Priestess is definitely cool!

Kate, that sounds kind of fitting...except the change of luck part. You're all upswing these days, my friend. =)

Linda Rae, I like the quasi-angelic feel of the winged cards. I agree, it seems like a good test!

Trevor, you let her go? You might want to reconsider.

Billie, for some reason 15 feels like a closure and a beginning. That many years always marks a move to another stage in life. This stage feels like the best so far. Thanks for the well wishes! :)

mermaid said...

High Priestess, why am I not surprised?

Jay said...

You are Strength

Courage, strength, fortitude. Power not arrested in the act of judgement, but passing on to further action, sometimes obstinacy.

This is a card of courage and energy. It represents both the Lion's hot, roaring energy, and the Maiden's steadfast will. The innocent Maiden is unafraid, undaunted, and indomitable. In some cards she opens the lion's mouth, in others she shuts it. Either way, she proves that inner strength is more powerful than raw physical strength. That forces can be controlled and used to score a victory is very close to the message of the Chariot, which might be why, in some decks, it is Justice that is card 8 instead of Strength. With strength you can control not only the situation, but yourself. It is a card about anger and impulse management, about creative answers, leadership and maintaining one's personal honor. It can also stand for a steadfast friend.

JimmyJames said...

I like the idea of both of you taking the test and coming up being part of the spiritual/mystical side of things. I wonder what your kids would test as. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Bernita said...

High priestess...

LiVEwiRe said...

Aw, but I wanted to dunk souls in fire and brimstone! (kicks ground) =) Apparently I am The World. Hey wait, wasn't that an 80's song??? Not so sure i see myself in that but I also know that Tarot is supposed to highlight certain aspects. I prefer the fire and brimstone deal/dunking souls deal. ;)

Anonymous said...

Let her go?

They aren't the sort you ever really have though, are they?

angel said...


"You are Justice
Equity, rightness, probity, executive; triumph of the observing side in law."

no, i dunno either...

Scott said...

I checked the other comments, and so far, nobody else is the Lovers! I think its because I chose beauty as being more important to me in one of the questions.

Anonymous said...

Mermaid, it certainly fits.

Jay, I have no doubt that's you.

JimmyJames, we should give it a try! Both of them are old enough to answer, I think.

Bernita, there's your creative energy.

Livewire, We are the world. We are the children.... Yep, a definitive 80's song. :D That's quite a card. It's the last of the Major Arcana. It's the culmination of all the earlier cards. It's a card of completion and understanding.

Trevor, good point.

Angel, you would have thought I'd get that.... Oh well, maybe I did miss my true calling.

Scott, I wondered who would get that! I like that you did. It's a very positive card.

Joni said...

So I'm the moon.

It's kind of dark and creepy, but it said that I should always trust my intuition and that feels right. :)

Cool post.

P.L. Frederick said...

I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob.

Someone had to say it, didn't they?

Actually, I'm the sun. What a fun test. Glad I came across it—from discovering this blog.

Joni-Moon Person, the "dark and creepy" feeling you have, might they be related to the artwork of the moon card itself? Seeing the illustration from another deck might make it all better. I was freaked out by the sun card from the Chinese desk so I went back and chose another deck. Then another. Then another. (My blog posting about it is Apparently I'm The Sun.

P.L. Frederick
Small and Big

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to see this post Jason! You and your wife are very lucky to have each other.

I'm also a High Priestess, but I prefer to be called "10Swords" :)

Anonymous said...

Very true, 10Swords. Thanks as always for visiting and sharing your thoughts. :) Your own journey is a beautiful one.

mama2dibs said...

How sweet. I love hearing about how people met...and I love hearing that they are still together after years of frustration and love.