Monday, June 25, 2007


The sun weighs
Sleep on the forest canopy
Rippling the air
With silent heat

Hooves cut timid
Trails winding where
Boot packed roads
And elevations meet

Listen and cross.
Secret ways
Weave the skeleton branches and
Tilt the ferns without a breeze

(Stealthcam I230IR trail camera set on "Bear Trail" overlooking a deer crossing point. Starlight, Wayne County, Pennsylvania.)


Jaye Wells said...

Now this is some deer shooting I can live with. Thanks for sharing these, Jason. Very cool.

Kaycie said...

I love the shots taken with the stealthcam. There is something very raw about them.

Verilion said...

Is that a huge fox at the end? Wow, that's big. I love the poem too.

Terri said...

You're really enjoying this camera, we can tell. The pics are lovely - they make the "if a tree falls over and no-one is around to hear it" question a little more real.

JLB said...

NICE catch on the fox! I have a feeling that we have foxes slipping into our yard while our lazy house dogs sleep the night away. ;)

LiVEwiRe said...

I think that fox is onto you; or at least the camera!

Anonymous said...

Jaye, one downside--the deer taken with this method make for much less flavorable deer jerky.

Kaycie, so true! It's pure, unstaged life.

Verillion, yes, I believe that is a fox! The question of grey vs. red, however, is not clear to me. Coyotes have a different look.

Terri, enjoying it very much! When our last camera broke, I really missed catching what was happening the woods.

JLB, thanks. :) If you can believe it, I know someone who had a coyote den right by their backyard in West Chester. They're everywhere!

Livewire, this camera is set to take 3 quick pictures. The fox stood transfixed for several seconds at least. I do think it saw the camera as something out of the ordinary. The scent was interesting too, I'm sure.

Jude said...

Gorgeous pictures and such a tranquility inducing set of words.

Anonymous said...

Jude, much appreciated, my friend. :)

Jaye Wells said...

Don't get me wrong. I'm not morally opposed to hunting. Just don't like to think about it. Especially when I'm eating delicious venison.

beadinggalinMS said...

oooo look at the fox!! He has such a beautiful tail!

kitty said...

I sooo want a trail cam (or two or three) of some sort - for my back yard and the woods next door

I'd LOVE to know what goes on out there AND have pictures of all that nature that I usually can't get close enough to with my not so great camera

Vixen said...

Beautiful pictures and writing. I miss "God's Country PA". :)

Anonymous said...

Jaye, I understand. Many people have discomfort with the legs to table process.

Beady, this is the first fox we've captured in years of trying. I think the key was he stopped and looked back at the camera. If they pass too quickly, the camera doesn't have time to activate.

Kitty, it's intoxicating! I highly recommend it. :)

Vixen, I hope stopping by here is a nice virtual visit home.

Michele said...

Ooh, the Fox is so Pretty and inquisitive!!
How adorable and the deer is so delicate. Yeah, they're good eatin' but they are a wonderful creation too.