Wednesday, June 06, 2007

First Light

Black forests hiss
When the night Earth rumbles
Bleed and shiver with
Invisible skies.
Lakes fall in
Bellowing waves
The world hangs
Washed in penitence.

Glowing curtains
Dreams no longer
Over the mountain
The cleanest rays ever
By life's first bloom.


mermaid said...

The contrast of verses speaks volumes of the difference between night and day,

the difference between blindness and sight.

And you still see so clearly in the night.

Kate said...

stunning picture.

Kaycie said...

Rebirth. Every day is new. Wonderful to be reminded of that.

Love the picture.

jason evans said...

Mermaid, thanks for seeing the difference in structure! I did do that intentionally.

Kate, thanks! That's a Mayapple blossom. The picture turned out well.

Kaycie, I agree. There are countless opportunities to be reborn, if we choose to take them.

Michele said...

Pretty picture, sharp words

jason evans said...

Thanks, Michele. =)

angel said...